PapaFrankGod's Bankruptcy: Rock Bottom Collection Thread

At least I got fish…


Amazing cards! Those are the top of the mountain when it comes to Magikarps. Which one do you like more?

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I will have to go with the unikarp, as it was released first and also kids had to win battles to get one. I find that very cool, like the TMB events for the phone cards. Fan club is the first shiny pokemon ever released in a card, I love that, but ya, unikarp wins.


Don’t forget the SNAP Magikarp :wink:

Thinking about it, Magikarp is a real bitch to collect all cards of.
But you do great so far!


@muk, Snapkarp is more like a myth at this point. It is for sure a tough option but it could be worst, like Pikachu.


Gotta love some fish haha. Sweet cards makes me want to go fishing now :slight_smile:

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This post was liked by god.

And all cards talked about at this point make up Pokémons God card trio.

Off topic but still Papa Frank’s got a new sprite to add

Gtfo haha

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Th silver sprite I already added it, idk if you are talking about the other moving sprite that I’m trying to figure out what it is, the one in the CBB folders

Wait you had that as I was commenting dafuq??!? Really though it’s one of the better sprites revealed from someone not new. Next I suppose is the inpersonating bobbit worm one. CBB Gold got the scary David Goggins serious eyes gong.

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Yeah I’m like 2 years ahead here haha. It was already there.

”Quuador likes this” haha I could feel the pain in that like

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I won’t upload all the new cards I get, or shinings and stuff, just the things I don’t see everyday


Love the cards!


Thx! I was lucky for it being a karp haha. I want to know which psychic Pokemon is below, but I couldn’t find an uncut gym challenge sheet


Ah, I used to have a Base Gyarados like those two! Glad you got a Magikarp one!

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Used to : (

Shizzle has it! I thought it only suitable that he get it after finishing his Gyarados collection with Snap included.


It has a ninetales or another gyarados below?