Feb 16 - Feb 22, 2014 - Charizard EX

**Charizard EX


My favorite charizard card is the CD promo :stuck_out_tongue: but honestly, the neo shining has grown on me more and more since i’ve gotten to hold it in person

well I like the Neo one, as i HAVE it, also do have a few charizard ex’s but I really don’t rate many of them lol if even any

It does not appeal to me, at all :confused:

The reason I can enjoy this card in spite of not liking similar artist renditions of Pokemon is the interaction with the holofoil that Charizard ex has here. It’s like the card was made with full knowledge of exactly how the holofoil would look later. The bright use of colors and the background art makes it look like the holofoil is specks of light around the dwelling. Then the fire coming out of Charizard’s mouth is flecked with the same intense bits of shine. It’s super cool in my opinion.

I agree with you compared with others it actually does look good

No one likes the new Zard EXes?

I want them in any other language but English If I came across them