Ex series EX holos

How do y’all feel about these cards? I know gold stars are far and away the prize cards of these sets but I always loved the look of the ex cards. Any thoughts or opinions about these?

The artworks are absolutely phenomenal and the holo patterns are incredible.

Very overlooked, in my opinion. I’m working on a binder full of them.

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It’s def not appreciated as much as it should be but it’s got to stand up to other ex sets that were just off the chain like team rocket returns. Maybe it’s just me but sandstorm and ruby and sapphire seem to not be as appreciated. Love the ex cards from the set though they are awesome.

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Yeah I love the holo patterns as well and am thinking of starting a collection of them.

Yeah TRR is dope, I like the Zapdos and Hitmonchan.

I have a few Hitmonchans. Plan on getting the Zapdos. I like the Scyther too. It was the only one I had when I was a kid.

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