07/06/2012 - Lugia ex

I love this card!

The artwork is stunning. The pose and lighting of the art really gets me. Old school exs are so beautiful. :blush:

It’s probably becaused it’s scanned/photographed, but it doesn’t really appeal to me.
It doesn’t look ‘drawn’ enough, ghehe.
And of course you’d have to see the holo effect in real life to be able to judge it.

I really like the background behind Lugia, this is a nice card coming from one who is not interested in the newer stuff

One of the few Generation III-era ex cards I’ve yet to add to my collection… actually I doubt I’ll ever own it because it costs a lot more than I want to pay for one card. Darn you for being popular, Lugia! :wink:

I’m not a huge fan of the earlier CGI artwork though… the graphics on those cards tend to look like they just fell out of the mid-90’s, so this one doesn’t appeal much to me personally.

I love the EX cards in general. :grin: Some of my favourites from my Mew collection are EX’s.

Hear hear bro~ :heart_eyes: I’m tempted to do a card of the week on some of my favourites… is anyone allowed to do a thread? :x

Yes definitely! Since there are so many different cards out there it is better to have multiple perspectives!

I desperately wish I had a better version of this card. I adore lugia, and getting the normal ex -not even the player promo- was no easy feat. I managed to snag one for $20, but when the seller said “used”, they MEANT used. :< The edges are peeling, there are a few dents and folds, even. It’s good to see such lovely scans of yours, though! Keep that beauty safe~