Shiny Gold SR VS White Shiny V Cards

Do you like the new Shiny gold Secret Rare cards? Ever since I saw them, I couldn’t wait to see if any of my favorite Pokémon got a shiny card one day (especially charizard).

Then we got the white shiny charizard v revealed… seamlingly has a white background similar to HF shiny full arts.

This makes me question the future of shiny full arts - will we also have shiny v full arts with the white background alongside the gold backgrounds? Or was this charizard some exclusive white background card? Weird how we have two set ups for shiny cards.

So what’s your take? I personally like the gold, it’s just more detailed. I actually disliked the sun/moon full arts BECAUSE of how un detailed and basic the full arts were, the background was a solid color, and full arts lost that awesome detail from xy. Luckily sword and shield brought back the detailed look from xy, but now I see them going back to basic backgrounds too.

I love the shiny v card, don’t get me wrong, but wondering what layout you all like for shiny Pokémon full arts

I personally enjoy them both. My guess would be the design for the shiny Charizard from Champion’s Path probably fits more in line with the shiny Pokemon that will be in an upcoming set in Japan Shiny Star V. After that set I would say they will go back to the gold format look of the shiny cards.

The issue I have with gold cards is that they have a lot of non-shiny Pokemon cards among them (regular Pokemon, items etc). I’m someone who likes to collect all cards of a sub-set to get the entire mini-collection. But there are too many duds among the shiny gold secret rares for it to be a satisfying set by itself, at least in my opinion.

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Well that’s what’s weird, they’re making these white shiny v alongside still making the new gold shiny cards.

I get what you’re saying, but I’m just talking about shiny Pokémon. So for shinies, do you like the gold background, or white? Not saying you have to collect all the item gold cards alongside the shiny. Forget the item gold card, when it comes to shiny, which layout do you like?

@millsfan , can I say neither? They don’t really do it for me. I like the layout of the new shiny Charizard V more that that of the gold sr shinies or Gx shinies, so my answer is white I guess?

@millsfan, If my guess is right I’m thinking that the white background shiny Pokemon will be exclusive to Shiny Star V(Besides Charizard). Afterwards the white background will most likely not be present and and they will stick with gold. If they go that route it’s probably just to differentiate the Shiny Star V shiny Pokemon from the other gold cards. So I don’t think they would be putting out these 2 types of shiny pokemon cards side by side going forward after Shiny Star V. Of course that is just my guess.

I agree that this will be for shiny star v. Just weird they chose a similar look to hidden fates. Personally prefer the gold background so I look forward to those :blush:

I gotcha. I like both styles so I’m also looking forward to more gold cards going forward. :grin:

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Me too!

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