Probably the Best Pokemon News I've Seen in Awhile!

Maybe this means new games/cards?? A girl can dream… :3


Yes I’ve heard this news. I’M STOKED!!!

Really about as phenomenal news as Pokemon could give me :blush: I would possibly even collect these cards if they came out.

I have not quite figured out where this is going, but that’s by far better news than this mega pokemon bs. ‘The origin’ sounds promising, looking forward to this :blush:

Look close at that sculpture, it’s other then in the video games… is it a new Pokémon?

Nostalgia! Nostalgia everywhere!

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It hasn’t been confirmed to be a full-blown series yet. From everything I’ve read it is a “special program”.

If they do cards…as long as they provide new illustrations for the cards and no reprints…i’m stoked! :blush:

At the very least, maybe this will give a newer generation a peak into what it is that made so many people fall in love with Pokemon.

I don’t really care where this goes, to be honest. I see no way in which this ends up being a bad thing.

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Someone run to the Pokemon Center and purchase ALL the fire red and leaf green sleeves.
Once released, those will be worth a FORTUNE!

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Finally, a PKMN show who’s motto isn’t “Gotta release them all!”

“Pokemon: The Origin is going to be a “Special Program” broadcast on 10/2 on TV Tokyo, featuring the world of the original game (and its remakes). The protagonist is Red, who gets his first Pokemon from Professor Oak, a Charmander, and receives a Pokedex to complete for the Professor. On his adventure he meets the boy who becomes his rival, Green, and battles Gym Leader Brock.
He also encounters the evil organization Team Rocket in the Pokemon Tower, and has a grand battle with its leader Giovanni and encounters a yet-unheard of Pokemon?!”

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I’m definitely exciting for this special episode or whatever it may be but one thing that bothers me from start to finish is the art style. Anyone else feel this way?

Yeah, I hate the way the characters look

No, I do watch some anime. However, I prefer the style that Ash is drawn over the way Red is. I just feel like it fits it better, though it’s probably just because it’s what I’m used to.

However, I do agree that battles will look better in this style.

I guess we can all state the obvious that it will be Mewtwo considering it’s following the game’s timeline. :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to see a Magikarp do a splash attack anime style.

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This is one of the reasons I love living in Japan!

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