Pokemon X and Y

Nintendo has just announced two new Pokemon games: Pokemon X and Y for the 3ds. It will be released worldwide in October…which is a first :blush: Anyway, the game is fully 3d, which will take some getting used to. Overall I like it!

What does everyone think? Will Pokemon Z mark the end of Pokemon? (I doubt it as they are making way to much money :stuck_out_tongue:)


I think it’s going, to sell like hotcakes. I will buy.

The Pokemon games and franchise are way too profitable, this is likely a new beginning of sorts.

This is AWESOME!
I can’t wait for Froakie!!!

I’m very excited to see the new gameplay! So far it looks incredible!

I wonder what the name of the new region is! :grin:

I’m looking forward to the new Pokemon. As for the whole 3D thing…I dunno, I think I might miss the 2D sprites. But sadly once again, none of the starters stood out to me right from the start. After R/S I havn’t been able to confidently say something like “This is my favorite starter from this generation”. I know I’ll be getting X version though. I’m definitely liking that Elk Pokemon.

Anyways, I wonder how they will be revealing the Pokemon to us. October is pretty far away!

Well the great thing about the 3DS is that you can turn the 3d off. I am glad they finally released a 3ds game. I bought the 3ds awhile back in hopes this would happen. The only slight complaint I may have is that they need to slow down with the release of new generations. I am still trying to figure out gen 5!

I agree Scott!
We still have until October! -chuckles-

I’ll need to buy a 3DS soon…

I should of waited to buy the system now. It has gone down in price from when it was first released. This game, the mario series and zelda OAT 3d make the system worth it. They could still use a few more strong titles.

This game is officaly the nail in the coffin for the plastation vita :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought the system when it first came out only to return it as it had no good games. Ealier this year I bought the purple one (with free extended batter :slight_smile: in honor of my purple gameboy color.

Man I had a purple game boy colour too! I banged it on my forehead when I failed to catch Mewtwo in Red out of ruthless anger and the screen cracked lmao!

That had to hurt? Haha I never did anything like that but I dropped it a lot…man those things were built tough.

Anyway I am definately getting x. That deer like pokemon looks awesome.

Jason used skull bash, purple game boy fainted. Jason received ¥218 and a broken game boy screen. :blush:

I had a purple gameboy colour as well…
It fell down our stairs and the sound never worked on it again…

Hahaha everyone had purple! …well to be fair when the gameboy color first came out in the North Americas there were only two choices: Solid purple or clear purple :stuck_out_tongue: …I abused mine and it never failed!

I still have my purple gameboy color! It has a gross gold/glitter worm light too.

As for this game, it intrigues me enough that I’m considering buying a 3DS. Which would be my first system purchase since the SP.

Gonna get a 3DS just for this game. ;D

Same! While I’m excited for a new game ( 3D should be interesting). I’m not really happy about the new generation, I think the Pokemon series in general is becoming too sanitised and too much emphasise has been put on quantity rather then quality.


The new 18th TYPE has been revealed. Thoughts?

AWFUL. Clefairy super effective against Dragonite? :stuck_out_tongue: ill-conceived I think. They’re trying really hard to appeal to a feminine demographic, knowing they won’t have to worry about alienating their fanbase.

I think they have had worse ideas but fairy type seems a bit naff to me…

But I guess we’ll have wait for the games and cards to come out to find what its like.