Literally just saw this haha.

I can’t decide whether this will be good or not tbh. Just hope they try and make good use of the 3D.

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My twitter feed is just overflowing with different collectors squealing, news sites remarking etc.

lol, I’m not surprised. I didn’t expect this really, they held off for so long I assumed they were never going to release it.

Most people aren’t so keen on that generation though, mainly because that’s when pokemon was at its lowest but I actually enjoyed them. The games were different but still fun.

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I don’t really remember the story line of that game, but I remember the biggest dissapointment I had with it was that I couldn’t trade any of my Pokemon into that game.

And then my Crystal version broke and I lost all of my Pokemon from my original Red. ; - ;

May you always rest in peace, Mewtwo, Scyther who turned into a Scizor, and Gyarados.

Strike that, I hated that game for that!

But I liked Rayquaza, Metagross, and Tyranitar. That’s all I really can remember though. XD

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All hail the mighty tyranitar

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@reinasierpe I herd you liek mudkipz

So that didn’t show much… Could be great… Maybe even new related cards

Omega Ruby for life.

Whiscash here I come!!!

Finna catch me a Deoxys.

Azul ryu - You CAN get pokemon into ruby/saphire/emerald from red/blue/green/yellow/gold/silver/crystal games, but you have to have the link cable and 2 systems. You transfer them in.

I just got pokemon bank and moved over my original blastoise and few others from my original red game. Now my pokemon x has pokes from all generations, remakes, poketopia (the wii battle revolution game) and the 2 gamecube games.

this is nice. realy makes me wanna buy an “ex ruby sapphire” booster box and rip all 36 packs open :grin:

Should be great. I will likely pick up Omega Ruby sometime. :blush:

This also means really cool card set/s!! I’m so excited

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Oh Yes! Awesome news for me! Ruby/Sapphire was my favorite game for the gameboy advance! X&Y it’s cool but I want to see this new remake!!!

No you cannot. Who told you you could?

Whoever they were, they’re liars and cheats!

I think there was a way eventually but when the original game came out, there really was no way to get your old Pokemon. :slightly_frowning_face:

You could go GB to GB
You could go GBA to GBA
You could go GBA to DS
You could go DS to DS

But you could not go GB to GBA.
I distinctly remember my friend had ruby and I wanted his haunter and he was willing to trade to my gold to evolve it BUT we linked up etc and it didn’t work

Is there a way to catch all pokemon that ever existed and put them all into one game, (ie either version of BW2) without cheating.