Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow (and Green in JP) on 3DS

Release Date: 2/27/16

Basically looks like a port to the virtual console, with trading enabled via wireless. This is more interesting to me cause of the implications of how this was released. Since we got this, I’m assuming we are probably not going to be getting actual Gen 1 remakes with the 20th anniversary next year. Will we be getting something else then? a Pokemon Z? a Gen VII? Gen IV remakes? The possibilities…


Definitely getting two copies of all three.

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Lol to clarify, this is gonna be on the virtual console which means its a digital download; there’s not gonna be any physical cartridges unfortunately.

Japan gets some physical goodies though; pic from Serebii.net:

“It’s also confirmed that Japan will receive Pokémon Red, Green, Blue and Yellow and will also be released in a special bundle which comes with the download code, magnet of the cartridge, manual and a map for 1,389¥”

If those magnets come to the US with the colored cartridges… :open_mouth:


So, all they did was give us old games on a new console, like has been done 8 million times before with Nintendo? I’m not impressed, and frankly this is pretty darn boring. I expected more for the 20th anny.


Whattafuck…bubble bursted way to hard.

Woah guys chill.

No one has said specifically this is the only 20th Anniversary games they have planned. I’m positive we have something bigger on the way. Just gotta remain patient for those reveals!



Wireless trading, sweet Jesus yes T__T


How much?

I already caught all 150 on yellow… I don’t want to do it again… even if it will look way better.

*waits for Red/Blue 3D remake on new platform*


150? In Australia, Mew was available, I completed the entire Pokédex on my Red version, including the Mew event where you had to insert your game cartridge into their machine.

Was Mew available in your region?

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HA! My friend did the mew thingy, and I thought I was elite when I was a youngen with my mewidge. I got RED Version for christmas or birthday, and that was my first pokemon game. =D

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It’s cool that these are coming to 3DS, but it’s more of a paying for convenience type thing just to have it on there without carrying cartridges. They are going to need to do a lot more than this to get me excited about the 20th Anniversary for the games.

maybe they should a release a limited Edition Pokemon themed New 3DS console or something


It pretty much kills the chances of there being a 20th anniversary remake like everyone was expecting, since making the originals available legally after all of these years would just take sales and attention away from a remake if they were really planning on doing one next year.

Sorry how exactly does that work?

Since when did virtual downloadable games make physical games not possible? This year there has been no main series Pokémon game launched. There certainly will be one next year, whether it be Z or something a little more special.

Don’t count out a tribute to the originals yet :wink:

I actually had mew on an earlier play through. A buddy had it and we did the trade-trade back so it showed up in my pokedex, but my most recent play through I didn’t have it. It wasn’t widely available, but they did give Mew out at some different events.

Unreal, Japan is gonna get four RBGY themed 2DS systems with the ports preloaded on them, as well as a download code for a legit Mew to the new games. I’d be surprised if the rest of the world got even just the Mew. :slightly_frowning_face:


I want that Mew Certificate!

They look sweet.

Something special like this does need to be done for the millions of pokemon fans outside Japan.

I’d hate it if they charged to download the mew :mad: