Pokémon Switch

Anyone here interested in the to be revealed switch game?

The last Pokémon game I played was Emerald on the GBA. I didn’t own a DS so didn’t get to experience the later games.

Rumour has it they’ll be returning to the original kanto region.

I’m really excited.

I really want Pokemon snap on the Switch though tbh


Been playing every single game released for GBA, DS etc and completed all dexes. If this is cool, I have to buy a switch lol.


Looking to buy a switch for this as well. Would be good if it is indeed kanto.

Might have a smaller but similar effect as Pokémon Go for the nostalgic feeling.

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Pokemon on switch would feel throwback to the N64/ gamecube! I would have to go buy or rent a switch out myself too!

for BOTW tho 2!

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So far everything that has come out of Nintendo for the Switch has been a hit. Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart… I can’t imagine Pokemon not being as revolutionary as it usually is when it comes to video games.

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I’m super excited for a new Pokemon game for the Switch as Switch is a console with waaaaay much more power than 3DS, so that opens so many new possibilities for GameFreak to do. I can’t honestly even imagine straight what they can come up with. I hope the deep Pokemon RPG formula stays in it still, but they could make it more like an open world game with much more freedom now. I’m definitely going to buy a Switch just to get this game.

I just hope they don’t release the game too soon if they make a new generation of Pokemon. I think 2019 is the earliest they could release it, but I’d prefer 2020 or 2021. Releasing a new game with new Pokemon generation would be way too early now as gen 7 was only introduced less than 2 years ago.

Of course, I’m bloody excited. I started a thread for this a year ago!

If its a throw back to the original then next expansion of cards may mainly focus on kanto :open_mouth:

I’m dying for a teaser or full length trailer. Gen 7 was a massive disappointment for me and Gen 8/Switch really needs to switch things up, no pun intended. Removing gym leaders was neat and all, they tried it good for them, but the trials suck. The hand holding throughout SM/USUM was beyond annoying too.

Didn’t Nintendo Magazine leak last month that it’ll be a new generation? Has that been debunked yet?

I’ll be the first of my kind: I feel total apathy for this game. From everything we’ve heard of it, straight from the Pokemon Company’s CEO’s mouth or otherwise, it’s going to be a wash and repeat default Pokemon game. After playing since gen 1, I’m honestly over the game play and style. When you compare it to other Nintendo titles that started around the same time, I honestly feel that Pokemon has had the least amount of growth, and graphic updates (which I suspect it’ll still be S&M graphics), just arent enough for me, personally, anymore.

Considering how much the PKMC CEO straight bashed on the Switch until he saw those sweet sale numbers, I don’t think we’ll see a game that utilizes the Switches extra power either. I don’t believe a year is enough time to have built a game from the ground up for a new system, and would put my money on a DS game ported over and optimized for the Switch. I wouldn’t even be surprised if we saw it release on both consoles.

I’ve been following the rumours/“leaks” quite closely.

At the moment I’d say the chances are as following:

60% Kanto reboot (50% proven true leaker)
40% New Gen 8 (Nintendo Magazine)

There’s also a possibly of a new tcg feature (think e-reader cards but better) using NFC which will relate to the tcg and the switch game. Nintendo has patented the card but it’s speculation ATM.

bretty sure Nintendo confirmed no virtual console for the Switch anytime soon. Rip…

Rumor time… “Pokemon Lets GO! Pikachu” And “Pokemon Let’s GO! Eevee” Could Be Pokemon Switch Titles


Below I’ve linked a worthwhile read on how these could actually be the next games, definitely recommend checking it out:


It’s in Kanto.

It’s supposedly a reimagining of Pokemon Yellow version but with an Eevee and Pikachu version.

Eevee and Pikachu are implied to be starters.

Pokemon follow you. Like HG/SS and Yellow version.

The playable trainers and your rivals are new trainers. Red/Blue are part of the story.

Catching apparently is like Pokemon GO. (This part seems iffy because the Switch has no touch screen when docked.)

HMs replaced with Pokeride from Sun and Moon.

Some sort of connectivity with Pokemon GO. Maybe transferable Pokemon, or a Pokewalker system. Who knows.

Releases this year.

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I would like all of this except the Pokemon GO dependancy. If they want to allow you to interact with your Pokemon Go account, that’s cool. But to require pokemon GO style pokemon catching, I sure hope not…

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Anything involving Pokemon Go puts me off to be completely honest. I’ve never played PoGo and don’t intend to, I can’t get into mobile games. What if there are certain aspects of the Switch game that depend on Pokemon Go? What happens when Pokemon Go isn’t around in 10 years and you still wanna play the Switch game?

It will depend on how Pokemon Go is worked into the game, but I’m skeptical.


Domains have been registered.

Here we go folks.

It’d be great if they dropped a middle of the day “Pokemon Direct tomorrow” announcement

I’m not sure I like what “the leak” includes :S The part of catching Pokemon being like in Pokemon Go really worries me, what does that mean exactly? I don’t want to just go and throw a ball. Then again, if it means I have to fight the wild Pokemon with my Pokemon and then throw a PokeBall using Switch’s motion control - that could be kinda cool.

What really bothers me is how the Go seems to have a very important role in this. So much that it’s even on the title?! “Pokemon Let’s Go”… We will see…

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