Re-mastered Pokemon Red / Blue - Which console do I need?

Hey everyone
I was wondering if anyone knows if I can buy / play the Pokemon Red / Blue versions on anything else besides my old school brick of a GameBoy. I have a Switch, too bad they havent remastered the games for this system.

Looking to play Red and Blue, and possible Gold and Silver.
Is there one console I can buy to be able to play these 4 games … it would be nice if they were slightly remastered.
Thanks in advance

3DS and Wii U Nintendo eShops both offer red/blue/yellow/gold/silver if I remember correctly, and I’m pretty sure they’re slightly remastered and allow for trading and such so you can transfer pokemon to pokemon bank which allows you to bring them to the switch’s pokemon game

The price I’m seeing is $10 each

They were available on the Nintendo 3DS, all 4 I believe.
Including Crystal.


Let’s Go Pikachu / Eevee is sort of a Yellow remaster.

Since you have a pc and most likely the original gameboy games, you could consider a GBC emulator for pc. They are free to download, and it’s also pretty easy to find the roms for the games online. Most emulators also have some nice filters to make the game look slightly better. And there are emulators that can be used on mobile devices as well.

Aside from that, you can also follow the advice of the other users and buy a 3ds or 2ds, they all have RBY and GSC available

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What took so long for someone to mention emulation? If you have an Android phone, it’s stupid easy and you can play them all right on it.

I was looking at those.

Is it the base Kanto version? Or are there 800+ something Pokemon I can encounter? Same gyms / leaders or is it just based off of Yellow?

It’s base kanto with the original 151(mew can only be obtained through a special joycon though)

Same gyms/leaders too

Differences are that wild ‘random’ encounters aren’t a thing anymore, you encounter pokemon in the overworld and you do a mini game to catch them without battling them. Trainer battles are the same though

Also all your party pokemon gain exp from catching wild pokemon/defeating any trainer pokemon in battle

Overall it might be a little easier but I still thought it was a pretty fun game, and the graphics are gorgeous too

I actually like the improvements, this game is more of a jump than Sword & Shield was from Sun & Moon. Overworld Pokémon! The only thing missing is a change to the battle system and the world would finally have a next gen Pokémon game!