Pokemon gold and silver 3DS Virtual Console release

PSA that Pokemon Gold and Silver Version are currently set to release 9/22 on the Nintendo 3DS E-shop for 10 USD or your regional equivalent. There will also be special boxed versions with just a code in Europe and Japan.

It’ll come with 2 download codes for a special 3DS theme that’s themed in the version of the game you bought and play their respective theme songs on the 3DS main menu. The other code is for a Celebi event on Pokemon Sun and Moon which honestly is a bit of a let down (I haven’t even used mine yet) as I hoped we’d get Crystal and have the Celebi GS Ball event unlocked in-game. It was never released outside of Japan and had people resorting to exploiting their means of obtaining one’s personal time-traveller.

Gold and Silver will, just like the Virtual-Console Red, Blue and Yellow, be compatible with Pokebank in a one way transfer system. I’m assuming the mon’s will have their hidden ability like they did with R-B-Y but I’m not sure and can’t find info. If it does happen to, that means it’ll be really easy to acquire Ho-oh and Lugia with their hidden abilities – Regenerator (Ho-oh) and Multiscale (Lugia) – for competitive purposes if you’re into that.

Honestly I’m a bit disappointed we didn’t get Crystal since it had a lot more charm than Gold & Silver: it introduced a female character for the first time ever, had brighter colors, an actual icy-ice path, animated 'mon sprites , and a battle tower with level 10-100 mons… what’s not to like? (Dragon Rage is one hell of a move) Speculation suggests Nintendo didn’t want to bother removing the Pokémon Mobile GB functionality from the Crystal version or resurrect it in a way through the means of Wi-fi.

Overall I’m pretty excited to play them on my 3DS, as the second generation is my all-time favorite.

What does Efour think of the Gold and Silver re-releases? Any hype, or is it just a cash grab to you?

(Pokemon Gold and Silver Raikou sprite error)


It’s cool. Still prefer these (silver) on GB color/advanced.


I can’t say I don’t blame nintendo. They constantly rehash their games on every console possible to try and make as much money as possible. It almost seems a little pitiful sometimes though. The pokemon bank functionality is nice, but I’d rather just stick with my nds flashcart/emulator.

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I forgot they were re-releasing these, thanks for the reminder. See you guys in a month :wink:


I’m happy that they are doing this. I never played the original Gold or Silver so this will be a opportunity for me to do so :blush:


I’m pretty excited personally, although i wished they would’ve added wi-fi trading (friend code to friend code, No GTS) instead of local wireless only.
But since they refused to do that with the RBY releases i guess it wasn’t a surprise these 2 would follow the same line.

The friend i intend to play with lives on the other side of the world. It would’ve been fun to complete the dex together and be able to make use of trade evo’s and of course battle but sadly that’ll be impossible.

I clocked over 800 hours in Silver and Crystal combined
Back when i was a youngster trading and battling with my friends and it was glorious.

Though whoever made the GBA link cable incompatible with the GBC games is literally satan.

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Silver/Gold/Crystal version is hands down the best one out of all of them.


This era is the most underrated for sure and I say this for several reasons. A lot of us who grew up with the original 150, were constantly bombarded with the possibility of additional Pokémons. Mew in the beginning of the show intro (even though he’s gen. 1), Ho-oh in the first episode which no one can deny that his appearance started arguments in the school yard on whether it was a Moltres doing drag. Finally, Togepi and eventually Marill and the others. For all of this is why I say that back in the day we were the ones who were truly excited for new Pokémons. Also, these games included Kanto and the original 8 leaders so there was nothing to miss from the previous games :blush:! Ok, the defense rests it’s case :wink: !


The cool part of Ash encountering a Ho-Oh in gen 1 foreshadows his destiny, as Ho-oh only makes its appearance to pure hearted people.

Mewtwo notices this in Ash too and as a result is persuaded to stand down and accept that there is a place for him and his cloned companions on this world and that not everyone is a evil selfish bastard.

And i think it’s pretty safe to say Gold Silver and Crystal blew all of us away in terms of size and expectations, And i vividly remember gen3 coming out that had our whole
outside possé kind of disappointed as it wasn’t as special.
When we all speculated 16 badges for each follow up :blush: ahhh we never got it right lol.


Pokemon gold was the only game I have ever imported. I still miss that shiny gold cartridge :slightly_frowning_face:


I’m quite excited to replay these games again; I’ve got fond memories of grinding in victory road to level up Larvitar to get Tyranitar ready for the elite four. Also really want a steel/metal only team, so I need make sure a friend gets it as well.

That’s cool :blush: You do it? Looks just like my Dad’s new Leonberger puppy.


I’m still salty about how I always asked a Game Boy Color as a birthday present, Christmas present… Never got one, but at least now I can experience Gold which will be my choice. I’ve played Crystal with my friend’s GB Color though

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Honestly… these games should be on Steam, iOS and android.

All nintendo first party games from the DS and earlier should be.

Nintendo is missing an opportunity. There’s probably more people who’ve pirated the GB, GBC and GBA pokemon games to run on emulators on their PCs and phones than there are nintendo handhelds in the world.

I feel you, i feel you, my first handheld was a GBA with Crystal and silver. Before that i had to play/watch what my friends had :joy:, It took a relentless amount of begging until i could become a Pokémon Trainer, but when i did, it was like the best thing in the world :upside_down_face:. Shit, i still remember how hype it was and all the excitement it brought with it.
My parents were pretty anti-computer games hehe.

My childhood friend to this day still gets stingy as fuck when i tell him he hardcore missed out back in the day. When he never got one… He was like the only one, even the younger sibling of the other dood had one, Yes it was Brutal to be in that position.

I’ll never forget how he was banished off this big metal electricity box we sat on in the forest while we played, just because he had no GameBoy so why would he need a comfy place to sit?
Which resulted in tears as he was unexpectedly pushed off and fell to the ground, Yep Brutality.


This is gonna be a great trip through nostalgia road and memory lane. Gen 2 has been my favorite generation since the games released. I can already hear the intro song playing in my head :heart_eyes:
As OP mentioned, slightly bummed that we didn’t get a Crystal version along with the other 2. Oh well, I’m happy as it is.
Now a new generation of Pokemon fans who never played Gen 2 games feel the horror of facing Whitney and her Miltank *insert evil laugh*



Preloaded and ready to go.



Excuse fellow Europeans, I hope someone can help me. Can some one help me out with acquiring the Boxed version of Silver?


PayPal ready shoot me a DM. :grin:

awesome, i preloaded mine aswell! haha :grin:

i’m willing to help it’ll be pretty expensive to ship i think lol.
i can find them online for 10,99€ ea

remember the European codes will not work on a US 3ds.
though i understand this is mainly for collecting purposes :blush:

just shoot me a PM.

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Don’t forget to redeem your theme and Celebi (for Sun/Moon) if you buy the download from the Nintendo eShop.

It’s been ?15? years since encountering my first shiny on Pokemon Crystal, a Shiny Sandslash named Spitfire hehe. At the time, internet knowledge wasn’t readily available and i had no idea how rare what i encountered was… Aside from knowing it was rare as hell.
I think my save file was about 350ish hours in at the time.

Now 15 years later, we’re killing it again!
As my first (and probably my last in gen2) shiny on Pokemon Gold VC has been found >_<.
I present to thy:

Now sadly, i absolutely have no desire to incorporate it on my team as from the start of the game
i’ve decided to run a Pseudo trap team, to chase and capture the dog trio early on.

Typolosion - Typhlosion
X-Wing - Crobat (trapper)
Reaper - Scyther (swiper)
Jake Paul - Espeon
Eevee to be walked into an Umbreon :blush: happiness is a bitch in this game ^^
The eevee is actually bill’s gift, the Espeon is bred from it. (didn’t want to be slowed down and potentially miss moves)