New ‘Premium Champion’ Set + Blastoise

A new “Premium Champion Pack: EX x M x BREAK” will be released in Japan on April 16th for 463 yen. Although the name doesn’t imply it, it’s actually a full-blown set with 131 cards and nine Basic Energy! And every single card in the booster pack will be holo! We have no idea what this set will feature, but the booster pack image seems to imply Legendary Pokemon.

A new “Blastoise Mega Battle Special Pack” will also be released in Japan on April 16th for 900 yen. It will come with two Awakening of the Psychic Kings booster packs, an unspecified Pokemon-EX (Blastoise?), and one of the aforementioned Premier Champion booster packs. There’s a catch with this product though: you can only buy it you participate in one of Japan’s Blastoise Mega Battle tournaments. You will need to show proof of your registration ticket in order to purchase it.



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If the dummy pack is any indication for the Champions one, that Gengar might imply that it’s not all legendary Pokemon.

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Kind of strange, I bet you the Blastoise EX will be the 2015 spring kanto trio artwork sadly…

Legendary Treasures 2.0? Seems like a sign to me that the XY/XY BREAK block will end after XY10. It would be fantastic if this set included FA prints of the megas that never got them.

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What date does the Zygarde/Volcanion movie come out?
After this set it might be the start of the Z block.

July 17th is the release date for the movie. Definitely seems probable that there will be a new game sometime around then, but who knows.

Well, Z is obviously not officially confirmed at all, but it’s pretty much a shoe in because of all the Zygarde information/reveals we have had. I also remember them trademarking ‘Delta Emerald’ a few months after OR/AS came out.

I’d love if they somehow fused a Z/Delta Emerald game where both stories were built upon.

What does that look like?

Wow, at 131 cards, this is the largest Japanese set since VS Series (which had 151). Pretty ridiculous… I wonder how this set is gonna be released in English.

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It will be released in an incredibly ham-fisted, boring, unimaginative, dull, more synonyms way. Like all English products.

Wow I am bitter.


This so much. I’d also like to see end of EX’s, Pokemon company has to figure out something new soon.


Agreed. As much as I love EXs, it’s honestly time for a change.

The BW/XY era has given us: (Technically 2 different eras, but they have bled into each other.)

Full Art
Ancient Trait
Mega/Spirit Links
Ace Spec

What am I missing?

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Noooo, the EXs gotta keep coming until we get our Suicune.

Well there were the Team Plasma cards in BW. And we did see some Team Flare stuff for a while in XY as well to a lesser extent. Oh, and BREAKs obviously.

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Suicune, Umbreon etc. popular Pokemon receive EX print in XY10, after that new generation/block appears without EX cards = winwin situation? :grin:

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Yo, atleast we can READ them.

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I guess i’ll be buying cases of that 131 card set. My checking account is going to HATE me.


It’s interesting to see them mix things up with distribution method. I can really appreciate that. Definitely a huge part of the fun of Pokemon history and collecting, in my opinion, so they’ve done us a massive service by doing something extra cool with it.

After opening many English packs, of which most of the ultra rares I pulled had some kind of edge whitening or centering issue, I too would like to share in your bitterness.

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