Possible tera type Charizard leak from Obsidian Flame

Possible new charizard leak. Found on reddit



It looks legit and fake at the same time. Props to 5ban


“can we have charizard?”

we have charizard at home …


the other card in the picture looks to be a tera type Dragonite ex


On one hand, bravo for the new gold design. Not that I hated the old one, but it is nice to see them switch up the gold card design. On the other hand, it’s like they saw all the fakes and figured they’d make them too. Now a lot of kids are going to have fakes where you’d have to do a double take to see if it’s fake or not.



Awfully gaudy. Can’t say I’m a fan.


Not a fan either, really hoping its a fake.

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based on previous tera exes, i don’t think there was any hope in the full art looking “good” if you’re not a fan of the other ones which i’ve been calling “crayola 5 ban art”

If it’s real, I have to say I’m not a fan. At least at low res it looks like the top search result a clueless aunt would get when they go birthday shopping for a kid and search “Pokeman card” on Amazon.


TPC really doing their best to mimic fake cards.

First metal Pikachu and Charizard, then an entire Pokemon Go set, then the Charizard VMAX AA promo and now their final form, combining all of them with a dash of can-do Etsy attitude.

Coming to the nearest XY GO Pokemon Obsidian Flames pack near you.

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Lol modern had a good run there. Can’t expect it to last forever. Sorry modern stonkers maybe the next generations gimmick will look better


Not PoGo :sob: why does everyone always hate on pokemon go, its not bad!

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I don’t think it was hate on the set. The issue was in 2016/2017 there were a lot of fake Pokémon Go packs floating around. So in some people’s minds, they are looking at fakes and making them real

It was just really disappointing and pretty boring. Outside of the Mewtwo, there really isn’t much there. The Ditto gimmick was cool, but the novelty wore off pretty quickly.

Plus, the set came out five years too late. If Pokemon would have released this set in late 2016 or early 2017, I think the reaction would have been different. But when it dropped in 2022 when most people weren’t even playing Pokemon Go anymore, it was just kind of like, “Oh…cool I guess.”


Saw it a few days ago as well, but a different picture:

Here are also some other leaks I saw at the same time:



Cleffa is pretty cool but most of them look like crap imo


Ahh i see, i see.

It definitely came out late and the “pull” cards were kinda mid, but i really enjoy the base set of pogo. The commons-uncommons-rares are great!


For sets to sell out, their cards need to be a higher rarity tier chase. In 2022 between sets with harder hitting playable Supporters (Irida, Serena, Candice, Elesa) and special art Pokémon (Charizard, Giratina, Lugia), GO had nowhere near the dopamine to meet that threshold. It silenced further by having Mewtwo VSTAR reprinted as an SAR and another Radiant Charizard with significantly better artwork in VSTAR Universe

Fortunately for Obsidian Flames, it’ll have the AR/SAR variety to draw interest even if the gold Charizard terastal ex is repulsive

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I dont really give a damn whether a set sells out or not tbh. Every set doesnt need to be a hyper juiced dopamine bender imo. I think pogo has a tight concept, with the rare plus of being a relatively small set. Its chill. I like that. Is it the best executed set of all time? Certainly not, but sets immediately selling out and tripling in price because one card is worth $500+ doesnt feel fun to me

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