First Scarlet & Violet TCG Sets Announced for Japan

A new era is on the horizon!

January 20th!


Oh man they’re bringing EX back! That’s pretty exciting. The new cards look great as well.

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Sorry if I’m out of the loop, but is it safe to assume Alt Arts are here to stay? They’d be crazy not to keep that gravy train rolling

I’m sure they’ll still do them. Either that or full art ex cards like the last time we had ex.

Theres no definitive proof for keeping/removing them. It makes sense based off of the success of SWSH to have them stay, but Pokemon could pull a Pokemon and get rid of em

They got rid of alt arts to start off SWSH after they were so popular in SM, no reason they won’t do it again.

Starter collections just got announced as well for the US.


SV1S Scarlet ex and SV1V Violet ex

RR ex

RR ex (terastal)


some overall thoughts about the card layouts. i’m happy they went back to two tone finally. i think the subtle approach is a good way to bridge swsh/sm cards with ex/dppt cards

although i really don’t like the evolution boxes. after long consideration, i think the part that doesn’t work is that the pokemon are too small for the boxes and have too much shading, but you can see that they’re taking it back to these eras with the circular boxes

as for the trainers, i really like the accent pieces.

overall i’d give the aesthetics of the new layouts a 7/10. not my favorite, but i still like them


Pumped to see the start of this era. I’m surprised that the tera ex aren’t more distinct, but I like the subtle differences like the gems flying out of the art box. I’m interested to see what full arts and alt arts bring to the table with those cards and in general going forward.

The Arcanine (terastal) ex is selectively textured


Oh I hadn’t noticed that. That’s a great touch. I’m looking forward to seeing it in person. Thanks for sharing!

New holo type? Just XY-era but 45% tilt, I had hoped for more I must say.

@inertgeometry Im with you on the layouts, instant throwback. I want to add that the left border in the text box is a lot thinner than ex-era cards (like painfully thin, don’t know how that got greenlit). ex-era layout still reigns supreme imo.

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oh nice catch. i didn’t even notice the holo layer. yeah it looks sort of like XY/SM but at a different tilt. we’ll see

and yeah i do wish the left side was a bit thicker

one thing i’m wondering at this point is if there will not be any RRRs anymore this gen (at least in the first year). I was expecting the tera exes to be RRR, but it seems they’re the same rarity designation

The Really Really Rare might be full arts?

those are typically SRs (sticking to the japanese rarity structure)

RRRs weren’t introduced until vmaxes/vstars. thinking about how they evolve from RRs, i guess it makes sense to not have RRRs if all exes in this block will be evolving from single prize mons

They look like XY era cards to me, which isn’t really a great thing. Still need to see more before I make a real concrete judgment, though.


Honestly, I found the new ex cards to be a little underwhelming. It kinda just looks like more XY era ultra-rares. I’d have to see them in-hand, but that’s my first impressions.

Lol, Cerulean beat me to it


Yeah I’m really not a fan. I think the Arcanine looks pretty cool, but the overall card layout just doesn’t do it for me. I would have preferred them to just go all the way and go back to the original EX era template.