[WTB] Skins's Sealed Wants list

I’m just gonna make a list of cards I want and need - please let me know if you can either help me find them or sell them to me!

Sealed List:

Lilypad Mew Promo 42 ENGLISH SEALED
Ancient Mew Corrected version glitter print (WITH booklet)
Gift Box Mew Gift Box, sealed.
Toys ‘r’ us Mew in folder, sealed.
_____'s Mew SEALED.
Pokemon Rumble TCG box, Japanese
Pokemon Rumble TCG box, English

Please let me know your prices for any of these.

Unsealed List:
Art Academy Mew

PM me a price!

@thecharizardauthority has one or some.

Edit: goes back under rock**

omg they do? I’ll have to contact them. Thank you! :grin:

Yeah I went back under my rock once I saw that you knew that already.

What happened to the charizard authority one?


They’re a bit indecisive on how much they want to sell it for? I offered $200 for the cards (both sealed and unsealed) and they turned it down. When I asked what they wanted for it, I never got a response?

So yeah. I’m kind of dissapointed, and slightly annoyed, about it, but there’s little I can do. So I’m hoping that someone else would be kind enough to offer me one for sale, or they make up their mind on what they want to sell the card for so I know what I’m dealing with.

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Bump, considering a lot of people in the past had this card, I’m kind of surprised no one is selling. :open_mouth: Come on everyone, this is the last card I need… :c

I guess you could say you (•_•) / ( •_•)>⌐■-■ / (⌐■_■) gotta have it!


Bumping this.

Still looking for it. Anyone willing to sell theirs to me?

Maybe you gotta just offer @thecharizardauthorty an offer he can’t refuse

I don’t KNOW what he wants for it, and he won’t give me a price or anything whatsoever to go by. I just wish he’d give me some kind of idea of what he wants for the card and then I know what I’d be working with. But he hasn’t.

It’s extremely frustrating, as I’m sure you can imagine v_v;


I asked for your best offer, but the price you offered was not of interest to me. If you had a better offer, you should have given me that. We already talked about this on facebook.

The one who holds the card holds the power in negotiations.

I hate it when I get messages through my cards listed BIN OBO that simply say “I want it, what is the lowest you will take”. I mean… I put the OBO so you can send offers and once/if you send one, I will reply.

It sounds like this is essentially what happened and you just hit his “auto decline”. Up the offer or move on, no need for frustration. As a seller, especially with items I do not need to or want to sell I try to never make the first offer as it can really only hurt you. Once a number is put out there, you will only get that at most or more likely offers of less.

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It is not a card I have for sale online anywhere. It is in my personal collection. I do not want to sell without knowing it can be replaced in time with the at least the money from the sale.


The difference between that and this is that I have no baseline to go off of. @thecharizardauthorty, I don’t know what to offer you because I have no baseline for what ‘interests’ you. You have not given me that neither here nor facebook. I have asked for that before and you never replied.

THAT is why this is frustrating. I do not know what to offer you. I appreciate your willingness to sell from your personal collection, but I simply do not want to do business this way as it is extrodinarily frustrating to have my offers thrown back at me with no baseline to go on.

That is also why I said when you have decided on a price, by all means get back to me and we can negotiate a deal.

It is understandable that it is hard to come up with a price, since it seem like it must be so infrequently traded and not really any sales history to go off of, but you just have to ask yourself how bad you want it in this case. Sure you don’t wanna offer $X and always wonder if he would have taken far less than $X. But from his side, why should he make an offer $Z when your offer $X may be higher than his $Z?

It sounds like Rusty was linked into this just because someone knew he had one, but it wasn’t listed anywhere for sale, just happens to be in his personal collection. Probably no good way for this to end I guess. Unless you were happy paying some amount that he would be willing to accept. It is like Gary’s BGS 10 zard. If I knew someone that wanted one, I would send them to him, but I am sure they would be met with a similar situation. He would likely not name a price, and instead would just listen to offers. It would probably take an exceedingly high offer to buy it off him, but surely some amount would dislodge it from his grips. Whether that number is reasonable considering your or anyone else’s opinion on market price really isn’t relevant since it is his property and he can do as he wishes with it. Similar situation a lot of folks are having with the Art Academy cards by the sounds of it and not really much that can be done about it.

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On the contrary, he posted about it himself.

Furthermore, I’m aware that it’s a hard card to price. Yet he asked for prices, and was given them. I thought I offered way above that listed in the thread, but it wasn’t. -shrug-

So since that isn’t what he wants, I want to KNOW what he wants or at least, as I said, a baseline to go on. It’s really all there is to it.

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What I took from that forum is that no one really knew its price. A few sold from what was posted, but I have yet to see one go through auction. You are not the only one who has inquired offering to buy. I have had 2 come into my hands. No way I let go of my collection without any means of replacing it. It would be different if I had many of them, or saw that they occasionally pop up online. I declined the best offer given to me, it was as simple as that. If you are still looking for one yourself, then you know why I want to keep mine for my personal collection. Just because I sell online, does not mean that everything I have is for sale.

I tell you what, if you put into my hands a Pokemon Center NY Magical Clock still with box(does not have to be sealed), perfect working condition, I would trade the loose one for that. They show up on ebay here and there usually for about $500, but I have seen them get snagged for much less than that in other places. If I had an extra sealed, I would trade that, but I just do not.

Maybe someone savvy with Japanese auction sites can open this market up for collectors. I imagine they are much easier to find there

I get that, really. That’s why I wanted SOME kind of idea of what you wanted - ala a baseline.

So, is $500 something you would accept, considering that’s what the clock is selling at?

Wow, I just looked up the magical clock and now I want one so badly…!