WTB Mews

Hey everyone,

I decided to collect some of the Mews, simply because this is such a cute and beautiful Pokemon.
I’m looking for englisch & japanese only.

So far I have:

Mew Ex Holon Phantoms
Mew POP4 Non-Holo
Mew Blackstar Promo #9 Holo
Mew Blackstar Promo #9 Non-Holo


You should specify which ones you’d like as there are 78 cards including trainers. :stuck_out_tongue: My website has them all on there if you need names. :3 /shameless advertising

I have graded lilypad mews and a few others, but like skinst said, please specify.

I think this means he wants what you have to offer, so just give him some offers to start with.

It would help if he tells us if he wants cheap or expensive ones or all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for the confusion.
The budget doesn’t really matter. However, I’m looking to pay low end to average prices.
I am going to edit my opening post and list the ones I already HAVE so you can offer me the ones I’m missing. This is the best way to do it I guess.

Southern Islands set includes a mew, but I’m only selling the complete set.
I also have a graded (6.5) Lilypad mew and several ancient mews (some sealed).
If I find others (pretty big collection), I’ll let you know!

By the way, all these are Japanese.

I have a sealed Ancient Mew, and a played Southern Islands mew. Are you interested in either of those?

BACK OFF! Haha, just kidding. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yours are Japanese, mine are English ;D

I’m only looking for the single Mew from Southern Islands because I don’t need the whole set. Also, it has to be mint. Same for the Lilypad Mew.
The ancient Mews I can get for a dollar so I will pass on that for now.

LMK if you guys find some more.

All my cards are mint.
Don’t really wanna break up my set, since those are sealed, so that’s too bad.

The lilypad mew is graded by beckett as 6.5, so that’s EX-MT+ or something…

I was refering to the Lilypad Mew and Tolans Southerin Islands Mew when I was talking about the non-mint cards.

I fully understand that you don’t want to break up the set. I’m sure someone will have a spare Southern Islands Mew, though. I’m not in hurry :wink: