what I'm looking for

as most of you will know I recently came here, and recently started up collecting again, which soon I shall post pics of once i buy a scanner:)

but these last few weeks I’ve been thinking where I want it to go I mean I have full team rocket set, full gym leader set

but my real taste is foreign cards, Obviously Japanese is at the forefront of that, but not only that I have alot of Korean Ones, the Korean Mewtwo ex, I have I really like

so back to this thread I’d be interested in any Spanish,Italian,French/Korean (and any other language)

Base Set booster packs (if you have any other , I may be interested ,depends)

I do not require any of these in Japanese currently

I want to try get some unique cards graded, and as I’m swaying my collection in this direction, seems likely I can do so

thanks for reading.

I have some 1st Edition Base Set holos (Charizard included) in French and possibly some other languages I believe.

I will be your guide :stuck_out_tongue:
Give me some time until the weekend and I’ll check for stuff that might interest you. (got quite a lot of foreign cards, especially base set ones)

acd that’s fine just message me when you know, and ljgenco I will pm you shortly

also interested in base set 2 , german, french, spanish etc, booster packs,

also now looking for foreign espeons, no japanese ones for the moment

update, looking for:

Will’s Espeon
Sabrina’s Espeon
Annie’s Espeon

Various base set booster packs (every language other than Japanese/english)

Korean 1st editions
Chinese 1st editions
Italian 1st editions

some dutch/spanish

I have a complete 1st edition base set in spanish and in german if your interested?

now looking for a sealed POP SERIES 5 booster pack

I have a lot of japanese cards

They weren’t looking for Japanese cards if you read the thread…

Also try to make a specific post, e.g “I have X, Y, and Z card in Japanese if interested”. What you posted serves no purpose at all in informing the member who is looking for cards…They will not contact you if you don’t put in more effort.

Youre Really starting to piss me off. REad up! They said they were now looking for japanese cards.

Show me where hotshot. I don’t see it.


lol. Fighting a mod? Not the best idea for a member that has no avatar, 13 posts regarding selling (WHICH YOU CAN’T DO YET) and joined less than an hour ago.

Now that the Spring Cleaning is done, let’s get this back on track. :wink:

Haha I’ve never even seen a comment like this in my time hear. You have to be in a pretty bad mood to get into a fight with Jason, he is not easily frustrated.

But alas my apologies funmonkey, you have been trying to get back on topic. I just couldn’t resist. This thread made me laugh.

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Those are going to be extremely hard to find. Ebay has them very rarely and when they are they sell out fast. I know 2 friends that have bought less than 5 packs and each pulled a gold star. I bought 15 and nothing :slightly_frowning_face:.

I have 2 psa 9 espeons and 2 umbreons, 1 espeon that I pulled from some packs being graded. Check back in 1 to 3 weeks.

@hisoka107 - You then opened 100 packs from your friend in Norway so I don’t know if extremely hard to find is an appropriate assumption for these packs. They are being opened left, right & center but there are still people with hoards of them.

My connection in Norway just happened upon these back when they were released. I don’t think anyone else has this large of a stock hidden but it’s possible. My source knew a store owner who had 3-4,000 and bought his overstock of 1,000 for $1,000 ($1/per pack).

I do say its appropriate to say they are hard to find. Compare it to Zelda’s 1st ed Base set boxes. No one else has that many in one spot but there a few out there. The same can be said about the pop 5 packs. While my source has a few hundred left that I’ve made a deal for there probably aren’t anywhere near that amount left in one hand. I don’t see very many people or even anyone having a hoard of these left.

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