Looking for FOREIGN Celebi cards - French, German, Italian

Updated: 21 Aug 2014

Celebi cards I need (by language)

Key: English Name/Foreign Name – English Expansion/Foreign Expansion – Set Number – Rarity (if applicable)

• Celebi/Celebi – Neo Revelation/Neo Revelation – 3 – 1st Edition or Unlimited
• Celebi ex/Celebi ex – POP Series 2/POP Series 2 – 17

• Celebi ex/Celebi ex – EX Unseen Forces/Ex Verborgene Mächte – 117
• Celebi ex/Celebi ex – POP Series 2/POP Series 2 – 17

• Dark Celebi/Dark Celebi – EX Hidden Legends/ EX Leggende Nascoste – 4 – Holo
• Celebi ex/Celebi ex – EX Unseen Forces/ EX Forze Segrete – 117
• Celebi*/Celebi* – EX Crystal Guardians/ EX Guardiani dei Cristalli – 100
• Celebi/Celebi – Mysterious Treasures/ Tesori Misteriosi – 7 – Holo
• Celebi EX/:thinking: – Boundaries Crossed/:thinking: – 9
• Celebi EX/:thinking: – Boundaries Crossed/:thinking: – 141

• Celebi ex/:thinking: – EX Unseen Forces/:thinking: – 117
• Celebi/:thinking: – Mysterious Treasures/:thinking: – 7 – Holo
• Celebi EX/:thinking: – Boundaries Crossed/:thinking: – 9
• Celebi EX/:thinking: – Boundaries Crossed/:thinking: – 141

I have all English and Japanese cards.

Postage to Australia. Comment or PM me.

I love it, if I come across any I’ll let you know!

I can tell you that there isn’t a Celebi card in Dutch out there unfortunately.

I have the German shining celebi from neo destiny… but the condition is near mint or a bit less…

Thanks for the help everyone!

@aj1: Thanks for confirmation on the Dutch front

@poke-geri: Are you able to send me pics. Might still be interested.

@bagoly14: I will try that, thanks!

Priceminister is great for French if you don’t mind the condition being variable. Just know what to look for and you should be good!

There are no Chinese or Polish Celebi either. I can check on Korean, Portuguese and Spanish.

Portuguese: Unseen Forces and Boundaries Crossed.
Korean: Series 7 (Mysterious Treasures) and Boundaries Crossed.
Spanish: Unseen Forces, Mysterious Treasures, Boundaries Crossed.

I don’t know about the POP card for these languages. Also, it will be unlikely if there are any non English versions of Japanese exclusive Celebi… except Japanese I guess haha


I got most of my list from your Foreign Cards Database (awesome resource btw).

Thanks for confirming Chinese and Polish for me. I’ll add the couple for Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish.

From research, it should be easy to acquire everything from Mysterious Treasures-onwards in French, German, and Italian. The older cards, especially first edition Neo cards, and ultra rare cards (Shining Celebi, Crystal Celebi, Celebi ex, Celebi*), may prove difficult to get my hands on.

Priceminister looks useful :blush:


Well, I’m glad someone found it useful! I will probably update that eventually to include promo cards and anything else.

Good luck on the search! The earlier cards will likely be difficult to find, but that’s part of the fun! I look forward to seeing your progress.

Updated my list. Decent progress made already, especially on the German front; “Collect-it” is amazing.

Decided against trying to obtain multilingual reverse holo cards for now (I can also come back and do this later).

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I’ve always loved Celebi. One of my favorite Legendaries!
Anyway, did you already order from Collect it?

I have already ordered from Collect-it. I had to pay the 39 Euro shipping to Australia, too, but by the sounds of it, it will be worth it.

Let me know if you hear anything. Otherwise, it might be better to have a middleman in Germany do it. Could save quite a lot with the right person.

Woke up this morning and Collect-It had refunded me €27.00 “for shipping”, so it only cost me €12 after all.


Very fortunate!

Wow, that is awesome! How did you ask for the discount?

Something about that address!

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Got my cards from Collect-It today. They’re pretty good!

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I’ve heard nothing back haha. Maybe I should email them again. I’m glad your stuff came in nice! I look forward to seeing what you got.

Bought two boxes of Korean booster boxes (Series 7 and Cold Flare). Got the three cards I needed :slight_smile:

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