foreign base sets

Hello i am looking to buy all the base sets in every language i have some of them this is a list of the sets that i have left that i need i am Looking to buy complete sets only please

Japanese no rarity symbol
Japanese normal

Dutch- 1st edition

French – 1st edition

Portuguese - 1st edition

Korean - 1st edition and

Chinese – 1st edition

If anyone could sell one of these would really help me out

must be MINT condition cards

I could ask some friends if they have mint Dutch cards (read: I live in Belgium, a partially Dutch country), I myself do have 2/3 of the unlimited set for trade, only missing some rares and holos. What are you whilling to pay? (For 1st ed & unlimited)

i need the holos on both unlimited and 1st edition i now have the rest do you know nayone that has any of the rest doesnt have to be complete sets what holos do you have for dutch sets please

I have a psa 9 mewtwo coming on its way back from psa if you’re interested

oh which set please on the PSA 9 mewtwo?

Its a Japanese base set which I now have at hand :blush:

Message me if you’re interested :blush:

Just to back this buyer up - I recently completed a trade with him, which went very smoothly. One to be trusted here.

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thank you pokemonchina i hope you enjoyed your sets