Looking for any and all Japanese sets

Hi all!

I’ve decided to take the plunge and get into collecting the sets as well as the promos. (I don’t even want to think about how much this is going to cost…)

Anyone got FULL sets for sale? Anyone know of any cheap ones going on eBay or Y!J?

Let me know :blush:

EDIT: If people could let me know what sort of prices I should be looking for on sets, that’d be good too :blush:

I have all the commons/uncommons for japanese gym 2. I think just about all the rares as well, I can check and get back to you. I just opened a booster box about a month ago!

lol full sets will be abit hard to come by but they do pop up on ebay often.depends which japanese set you would be wanting as well some like neo 1 and 2 go to the 40-60 range while 3 and 4 will go higher

Yeah the 4th one with all those shinny cards is always outrageous. That is something I need to get around to completing.

Oh god what have I got myself into?

Can’t I just go and steal Cally’s and then grab Scott’s trophies and be done with it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though the PMs and messages are helpful. If you see sets going for cheap please let me know. After I’ve grabbed a few I’ll probably have a status page so people can help track down the rest :blush:

YES! If we could like comments on here I would like claires! The feeling of opening a booster box takes me back. The excitement and opening each pack is so fulfilling!

If I buy a couple of boxes of Red collection, would people here trade for the rest of the stuff I need for completion? Or would I just be able to grab missing ultra-rares off eBay/Y!J?

Hey Dogma,

I have the following sets I bought in a lot from an estate sale about 3 yrs ago. The cards are all nr mint to mint.

Japanese Base(have 96 of 102 cards) includes all holos, rare, uncommon and common. Missing 6 basic Energy cards.

Japanese Jungle - Full 48 card set
Japanese Fossil - Full 48 card set
Japanese Team Rocket - Full 65 card set
Japanese Gym 1 - Full 96 card set
Japanese Gym II - Full 98 card set

Let me know if you have an interest and what you can offer.


Argh! Am very interested. Let me think about how much I can afford and will PM you :blush:

I’ll be using Y!J prices as a guide.

@avalanche: PM sent. Let me know if that works for you

I have a almost complete Neo 1 Set, only missing Typhlosion Holo, Pichu Holo, Steelix Holo and Lugia Holo, which should be relativly easy to obtain.
I also still have the Porygon and the Relaxo you wanted :wink:
I’d prefer to trade. LMK what you have from my wants and what you’d be willing to offer. Thanks :blush:

e series 2-5 will be a pain to track down indeed.i saw a e series 2 box sealed 1st edition a few months back but that thing ended at the 200 mark.i got lucky with my packs but sadly they were not 1st edition.

I should mention that I’m only after 1st edition where applicable :wink:

Was Neo1 actually printed in 1st edition?

No it wasn’t, Talking about Neo, I just bought some Neo 4 Packs and pulled a Shiny Charizard and Steelix!

Ok. So Dogma, are you interested in my Neo1 Set?

wow how many neo 4 packs did you buy to get both the charizard and steelix lol

but base set to neo sets in japan never came in 1st edition form starting from like the VS series and WEB series is when 1st edition in japan started and for us we got rid of 1st edition

LOL, exactly :blush:

I still want offers/help/suggestions/comments. In the meantime, I’ve scored my first set for sure (Base, wooooo! I get Chaz back since I’ve restarted collecting)

For those who have given me offers, I need a couple of weeks to sort through a mega lot which should have some sets in there. That’ll take me up to Gym 2, so still need Neo 1 onwards.

Lotti - I have a couple of the holos randomly (didn’t even know I had Lugia, if its my original it has a story behind it) but am still looking for full sets so might use it only as a last resort.

Thanks again

Dogma, I would be able to find you the missing holos if needed. Just PM me with a price you would offer for the set.

Your gonna love this… 12 Packs!