Trade Thread Looking for Japanese cards to complete sets


I want to try and make some full sets. Looking to trade (not buy) if you have all the cards to complete a set below (unless I wrote optional next to it). Will trade similar cards (holo for holo, rare for rare) or more since you’re doing me a favor. Also, condition doesn’t matter much to me, just not super used (rips, gashes, large bends).

Base Set 1 – Missing Computer Search
Base Set 2 – Missing Clefairy Doll, Computer Search, Imposter Professor Oak, Pokemon Trader, Alakazam
Jungle Set 1 – Missing Electrode, Jolteon
Team Rocket Set 1 – Missing Here Comes Team Rocket!
Vending 2 set 1 – Missing Moltres
Vending 2 set 2- Missing Moltres, Zapdos, Raichu
Vending 3 set 1 – Missing Checklist 5
Vending 3 set 2- Missing Golduck, Scyther, Ooyama’s Pickahu, Checklist 5
Neo 1 Set 1 – Missing Aipom
Neo 2 Set 1 – Missing Devolution Spray, Ruin Wall (Pikachu Shadow), Unown D, Umbreon, Dark Raichu (Optional)
Neo 3 Set 1 – Missing Quagsire, Ho-oh, Shining Gyarados (Optional), Shininig Magikarp (Optional)
DPT1 Set 1 – Missing 015/096 LV X Shaymin, 017/096 Shiny Vulpix, 084/096 Level MAX, 089/096 Cyrus’ Scheme
DPT1 Set 2 – Missing 006/096 Shiny Lotad, 007/096 Lombre, 015/096 LV Shaymin, 017/096 Shiny Vulpix, 024/096 Wartortle, 033/096 LV X Palkia G, 052/096 LV X Giratina, 066/096 LV X Dialga, 078/096 Shiny Swablu, 082/096 Team Galactic’s Invention G-103 Power Spray, 084/096 Level MAX, 085/096 Skull Fossil, 089/096 Cyrus’ Scheme, 090/096 Handsome’s Investigation, 092/096 Time-Space Tear, 095/096 Shiny Electabuzz
L1 HeartGold Set 1 – Missing Wobbuffett
L1 HeartGold Set 2 – Missing Ho-oh Top/Bottom (Optional), Wobbuffett, Alph Lithograph (Optional)
L1 HeartGold Set 3 – Missing Sunkern, Ho-oh Top/Bottom(Optional), Great Feraligatr, Octillery, Great Ampharos, Wobbuffet, Great Donphan, Double Colorless, Alph Lithograph (Optional)
L1 SoulSilver Set 1 – Missing Alph Lithograph
L1 SoulSilver Set 2 –Missing Ninetales, Raichu, Hitmontop, Alph Lithograph (Optional)
L1 SoulSilver Set 3 – Missing Ninetales, Politoed, Lugia Front/Back (Optional), Pichu, Raichu, Hitmontop, Granbull, Alph Lithograph (Optional)
L2 Set 1 – Missing Espeon, Raikou/Suicune Top + Bottom
L2 Set 2 – Missing Espeon, Raikou/Suicune Top + Bottom, Alph Lithograph (Optional)
L2 Set 3 - Missing Vileplume, Bellossom, Espeon, Houndoom, Great Tyranitar, Rattata, Eevee, Raikou/Suicune Top + Bottom (Optional), Raikou/Entei Top + Bottom (Optional), Entei/Suicune Top + Bottom (Optional), Rare Candy, Ruins of Alph, Burned Tower, Alph Lithograph (Optional)
L3 Set 1 – Missing Kyogre/Groudon Top + Bottom, Palkia/Dialga Top + Bottom, Rayquaza/Deoxys Top + Bottom, Alph Lithograph (Optional)
L3 Set 2 – Missing Rapidash, Nidoking, Sharpedo, Drapion, Aggron, Lickilicky, Porygon-Z, Kyogre/Groudon Top + Bottom (Optional), Palkia/Dialga Top + Bottom (Optional), Rayquaza/Deoxys Top + Bottom (Optional, Alph Lithograph (Optional)
LL Set 1 – Missing Great Gengar, Great Mew, Darkrai/Cresselia Top + Bottom (Optional), Research Document, Investigator

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I have too many haves…I have ton of Japanese cards (promos too). If you have the cards to complete one of my sets, direct my to your list or send me PM.



Hi I have some of the cards you have listed pm if you are still looking cheers.

I’ll have to go through my stuff and let you know. :blush: From the sounds of it, I should have some of these ones.