WTB: Japanese Base Set


I’m trying to complete the Japanese Base Set which is somehow hard to find here in Argentina.
I’m looking for the following cards (preferably in NM-M condition):

— Alakazam
— Dugtrio
— Hitmonchan
— Pidgeotto
— Dragonair
— Professor Oak
— Impostor Professor Oak
— Bill
— Pokémon Trader
— Pokémon Breeder
— Clefairy Doll
— Super Energy Removal
— Switch
— Pokémon Center
— Scoop Up
— Pokédex
— PlusPower
— Item Finder
— Gust of Wind
— Devolution Spray
— Potion
— Full Heal
— Maintenance
— Pokémon Flute
— Double Colorless Energy


I’ll get back to you on this tonight. I have most of these all pulled in the past month or so.

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I have most of these pulled to muhahahahaha

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PM sent @gottaketchumall and @pokemonsyndicate