WTB Japanese Base Set PSA 10 Non-holos

Hey everyone! :blush:

As I am getting closer to completing my PSA 10 102 card japanese Base set I would really appreciate some help in finding some of the missing cards (=

I am currently looking for:

Rares (Looking to pay around 100 USD for each rare):

  • Clefairy Doll Trainer PSA 10
  • Computer Search Trainer PSA 10
  • Devolution Spray Trainer PSA 10
  • Lass Trainer PSA 10
  • Pokemon Breeder Rare PSA 10
  • Scoop Up Trainer PSA 10

Uncommons (Looking to pay around 30 - 40 USD for each uncommon):

  • Poliwhirl PSA 10
  • Defender Trainer PSA 10
  • Plus Power Trainer PSA 10
  • Revive Trainer PSA 10
  • Super Potion Trainer PSA 10
  • Double Colorless Energy PSA 10

Commons (Looking to pay around 15-20 USD for each energy card):

  • Fighting Energy PSA 10
  • Fire Energy PSA 10
  • Grass Energy PSA 10
  • Lightning Energy PSA 10
  • Psychic Energy PSA 10
  • Water Energy PSA 10

If possible i would prefer the new PSA Case style as most of my set is encapsulated in those. But if it is an older one feel free to message me too (=

I am based in Austria (Europe). I would cover all shipping fees of course. I am Paypal ready and will gladly cover the fees for goods and services too! (=


This ebay seller seems to have a bunch of PSA 10 base set cards that you’re interested in. Perhaps if you personally contact him he may sell it to you at a discount for purchasing in bulk:


Thanks, I messaged him and we made a deal for the 7 energy cards (=

I also managed to secure the Clefairy Doll.

The rest I am still looking for if anyone has any leads (=

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Managed to get my hands on the Computer Search, Lass and Pokemon Breeder thanks to Scott. :blush:

I also updated my prices for the missing rares (from 70-80 USD to 100 USD each) and the uncommons (30 - 40 USD each).