Help a fella out!

Hi guys I am after the following;

complete 1st edition holo sets from the following;



gym heroes

gym challenge

any neo set



any ex series

The catch is I want mint cards. Let me know if you have any of the above and provide me a price indication. I really hope a few of you can help me out. Thanks.

Where do you live? And can the cards be NM/Mint? or does it have to be mint

Just an fyi the aquapolis and ex series cards only come in first edition in Japanese. All the other ones you said that are gonna be 1st edition are gonna be in English …didnt know if you knew that or not just throwing that out there lol :blush:

I live in Melbourne, Australia. NM/Mint is fine if your definition of NM/Mint is PSA 8 - 9.

Ha ha - I am aware that EX series forward no english cards are first ED.

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Can someone help me out!? would have though i would have had much more responses than this. Elam18 give me hope!!!

I’d like to help out but I only collect Japanese cards with the old back design. Good luck on your search and keep it up. Cheers!

I would love to help. I unfortunately don’t own duplicates. You can try the TrollandToad website or countless others. The only problem with that website and others, they list cards near mint+, not just mint.

I believe all these sets are currently selling on eBay. Is there a reason you don’t buy them there?

Because you suggested it!

I’ve got a bunch of fossil 1st edition boosters for sale

Can you provide a link to at least 3 of the above - that have complete holo set, 1st edition in @ least near mint? i can see complete sets, but i eant holo set only. cheers.

No holo sets but the holos are pretty much the full value of a 1st Ed. set. The non holos are pretty much a dime a dozen.

cool you got links to complete sets? ie 1st edition neo discovery or neo genesis complete in near mint to gem mint conidtion?

It’s not hard to look up 1st edition neo “…” set into ebay or Google and search. I know there is one complete set on ebay of destiny for 1170 and a revelation for 305. Prices for those sets aren’t cheap and expect to pay a few grand to get all of those in mint condition

In the next coming weeks to.momths I’ll be buying all 4 1st edition neo sets in mint condition and sending them to PSA. If your interested I’ll be picking up all 3 Expedition sets after the neo comes back from PSA.i won’t be selling them until after they are graded. One of my private collector s had/has every set and is slowly selling the to me.