Looking to buy a crap-ton of cards (sob story included)

It was a terrifying day; the day I found out that I lost my entire binder of cards from the second generation. They are all cards from these sets:

Neo Genesis

Neo Discovery

Southern Islands

Neo Revelation

Neo Destiny

Legendary Collection

Expedition Base Set



I am in the military and we move a lot. I’m talking, we’ve moved 7 times in the past 5 years. Somewhere along the line the binder went missing. I’ve looked everywhere. I’ve torn the garage apart, ripped through every corner of every closet, looked in every box. It is gone forever. My heart has been ripped to pieces.

I am also looking for specific cards from other sets, but I will add those later.

Anything you have helps, as I have nothing. Best prices or conditions get my sale, although they do not have to be mint.


Do they have to be in english?

You’re looking for complete sets of all of those?
What is your budget?

Yes, English please.

And they don’t have to be complete sets, I don’t mind slowly replenishing.

I’m not looking to spend more than $120 for each set, but I’m flexibile.

With that budget, I’m assuming lower quality conditions are acceptable to you?

I have complete 1st edition sets, if you’re willing to spend more than $120. I have a factory sealed southern island set (English) Comes with 3 neo booster packs in them + southern island post cards + binder + the 18 card set for $70 if you’re interested

My heart sank when I read @rin’s post.

Perhaps the binder will eventually show up, but at least it sounds like you’ve accepted its likely fate.

I hope the UPCCC community can help you out :blush:

ouch that must suck especially for the skyridge, aquapolis and expedition base set

I have alot of bulk cards including alot of neo stuff will have to look through them for Condition as bulk though I’d imagine they aren’t gonna be Mint lol

I have the English southern island set. Mine isn’t sealed it new and I’d have to double check the price when I get home but I think I I’d sell it for about $40. It comes with all the cards in the original southern islands binder. PM me if your interested. Sorry to hear about your plight. That’s such a sad situation !

If you’re interested in singles, I have these:

I can do it at this price:
$80 shipped for the entire lot (for US).

All cards are NM/Mint unless otherwise stated
NM- Near Mint
EX - Excellent
PL - Played

x3 Gyarados Base Set 6/102 $2.50
x1 1st edition Machamp Base Set 8/102 EX .50
x1 Mewtwo Base Set 10/102 NM $6
x1 Nidoking Base Set 11/102 $4
x1 Poliwrath Base Set 13/102 $2

x1 Clefairy Base Set 2 6/130 $1
x1 Mewtwo Base Set 2 10/130 NM $3
x1 Ninetales Base Set 2 13/130 EX .50
x1 Wigglytuff Base Set 2 19/130 $1

x1 Electrode Jungle 2/64 EX $2
x1 Flareon Jungle 3/64 EX $2
x1 Kangaskhan Jungle 5/64 NM .75
x1 Nidoqueen Jungle 7/64 EX/NM $2.50
x1 Snorlax Jungle 11/64 $3
x1 Vaporeon Jungle 12/64 EX .75
x1 Victrebel Jungle 14/64 $3.50
x1 Vileplume Jungle 15/64 NM $3

x1 Ditto Fossil
x1 Dragonite Fossil 4/62 EX/NM $6
x2 Haunter Fossil 6/62 $2
x1 Hitmonlee Fossil 7/62 $4
x1 Hypno Fossil 8/62 $2
x1 Magneton Fossil 11/62 $1
x1 Moltres Fossil 12/62 NM $4
x1 Muk Fossil 13/62 $1
x1 Raichu Fossil 14/62 EX $2.50
x1 Raichu Fossil 14/62 NM $3
x1 Zapdos Fossil 15/62 NM $2
x1 Zapdos Fossil 15/62 EX (4th Printing 1999-2000) $5

x1 1st edition Dark Gyarados Team Rocket 8/82 PL/EX $1
x2 Dark Weezing 14/82 EX/NM .75
x1 1st edition Rainbow Energy Team Rocket 17/82 $8
x1 Dark Raichu Team Rocket 83/82 EX/NM $4

x1 Brock’s Rhydon Gym Heroes 2/132 $1.50
x1 Erika’s Vileplume Gym Heroes 5/132 $1
x1 Lt. Surge’s Magneton Gym Heroes 8/132 $1
x1 Erika Gym Heroes 16/132 $4.50

x2 Jumpluff Neo Genesis 7/111 $1
x1 Kingdra Neo Genesis 8/111 NM $1.25

x3 Hitmontop Neo Discovery 3/75 $1
x1 Tyranitar Neo Discovery 12/75 EX $5
x1 Unown A Neo Discovery 14/75 $1

x1 Dark Houndoom Neo Destiny 7/105 NM $4.50
x1 Dark Scizor Neo Destiny 9/105 $6