Seeking a few 1st Ed Complete Sets and some PSA 10 Holos

Looking for NM/M 1st Ed. sets of the following:

Neo Discovery - $230
Fossil - $150
Jungle - $150

I’d also like PSA 10 of the following:

Ho-oh Neo Revelation 1st Ed. 7/64 - $100
Dragonite Fossil 1st Ed. 4/62 - $140
Lugia Neo Genesis 1st Ed. 9/111 - $150
Tyranitar Expedition 29/165 - $70

And an Ungraded NM Blaine’s Charizard 1st Ed. - $45

I saw that auction, why didn’t you buy it? I was a little surprised by the end price but may have been because it was listed exc-mint.
All the best and welcome to the forum.

Thanks very much. I was outbid in the last few seconds.

Yes, it must have gone cheaper cause of that “exc” mint condition description.
By PSA standards that could be 2 grades worse that nm/m which you’re asking for here.

By any chance you collect aquapolis or skyridge?

The holos from the auction all looked NM with the Dark Gengar closer to EX. But I’ll raise my price to $400 if that’s more fair.
Elam - Are you selling? I would consider for a good price. Have you got full sets with crystals?

Which 1st ed Shinings are you after?

Holos from that set (destiny) had printing issues unfortunately, silver edges was common as well as minor flecking.400 is a good price considering they would need to sell on ebay for 440+ to beat that considering fees.

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I sent you a PM. My sets have no crystals

Updated wants


Are you still looking for the psa 10 t tar from expedition?? I have one

Yes, I am. I need to sell of some cards to get the paypal balance first though.

No problem there buddy. Just message me here asap when you do and its all yours :blush:

Great, will do.

The prices on the lugia and ho-oh is a little low. I just sold a PSA 10 1st ed Ho oh holo
for $275 and Lugia sells for 200-250. I’ve sold 2 of the 3 legendary dogs for $250 each as well.
If you can find them cheaper buy it but the prices are usually higher to reflect the difficulty
of getting Neo revelations PSA 10.