PSA Graded Card Pricing

I received a few cards back from PSA that I was hoping I’d be able to get some values/pricing on. Surprisingly, I haven’t been able to find any examples of these cards in these grades on eBay (both currently on and/or completed listings). Anyway, here’s the cards/grades I have in question:

1.) PSA 10 Japanese 1st Ed. Expedition Set HOLO Charizard 103/128
2.) PSA 10 Japanese 1st Ed. Expedition Set HOLO Blastoise 108/128

3.) PSA NM-MT 8 1st Ed. Neo Genesis Set HOLO Lugia 9/111

Im not too concerned with the Lugia 9/111, more with the other two cards. Any help on pricing would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you happen to have interest in any of these cards please feel free to let me know, I plan on re-selling these cards on eBay anyway.

It is a shame that Charizard cards are worth just that much more than Blastoise.

I’d buy it from you if I was to start collecting PSA graded cards. You could hold on to it for a while and let the value go up since it is PSA 10. Plus, in a few years when I have much more $$$ I’ll be interested :wink: