1st Ed. Base Set Pricing

I would like to get a better idea on pricing, any help would be much appreciated!

1.) PSA Mint 9 1st Ed. Base 16-Card Holo Set (Thick “1” Version)

2.) NM+/M Condition 1st Ed. Base Set (All 103 Cards)

My collection is all loose cards in Ultra-Pro sleeves/pages, but I’m debating on how I want to purchase the “big money” set. Do I continue with my loose cards, or go for the PSA Graded cards on this one set? Right now I’m leaning towards continuing with the loose cards - just to keep everything the same…

Ebay will help you get an average estimate on these.

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full set raw you’re looking at anywhere around 2000 or more (i think, been a while since i checked)
Graded set i have no idea.

1st edition PSA 9 set PRICES per card as what I see on ebay a fair bit:

All the mint 9 1st ed shadowless base set holos that arnt the starters… SO 13 of them are about 150-175USD each.

But these 3:
Charizard - 1300-1500USD
Blastoise - 300- 350USD
Venusaur - 220-270USD

If you wait for auctions they do go lower xD … I have seen in 2015 a charizard mint 9 go for around 900USD.
I sold my mint 9 Zard for about 1600USD.


I think the venu and blastoise go for more than that now. With all of the trio love going on. The demand has grown a lot.

I find it annoying that I set my collection goals away from 1st ed base to start with, I can’t stop now with what I have started and the prices for it just keep going up :confused:

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I am in the same boat as you. I should have started with 1st ed base set at the beginning. But instead I started monkeying with gold stars shinings and unlimited base set jungle ect. Ect.


Haha I’m in the same boat… It’s just not fair!

I’m putting it on the back burner… Sold my blastoise 1st ed PSA 10 recently. And charizard a few months back. The pop is high and there will always be another chance for them… However I would like to not wait to long on getting the zard back, because that shit will go crazy soon. Its unstable that card and only climbs higher per second… A bit troublesomez

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wooh wooh my blastoise get in there :blush:


E cheque has not cleared yet, but I’m sure it will soon. Why you use e cheque lol.

E-Cheque is when you select directly from bank balance instead of using existing PayPal funds.

I use it all the time.

It has been over 7 days and it hadn’t cleared… What the hell is with it.
Wait it was done on the 5th.
I use debit card from the bank and its instant. Well debit card through PayPal that is linked to the bank.

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Yeah I think if you tie your PayPal to your credit function, it’s instant. I linked mine to my bank account as I prefer to not use that credit function on my Master Debit.

Could be wrong on this though.

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I think they charge more dollans when using the debit like i do aswell. For certain things.

itsall gone out of my bank account and on paypal says money sent but its still under pending payment and i found out why it wasnt instance i accidently took the card off of paypal and didnt put it back on so when i used paypal to pay done a e-cheque instead :blush: opps i would of nearly had my card already

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I scooped up a PSA 10 Blastoise 1st ed recently as well. Love that pokemon, and the pop is nice and low couldnt resist. Have to get a charizard soon as well tho to replace my old one

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nice i just brought a PSA 10 blatoise 1st edition as well :blush:

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how much did u pay if u dont mind me asking :blush:

I traded with Gary haha

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