WTB: 1st ed Shinings/ WOTC holos and non holo sets


Fan Club Porygon PSA 10 $1400
Fan Club Eevee PSA 10 $1500

All cards in around NM condition and will accept PSA or raw. I can negotiate based on condition.

Gym Challenge 1st EditionBlaine’s Charizard $300+

Neo Discovery 1st EditionPolitoed $40

1st Edition Complete Non Holo Sets1st Edition Gym Challenge Non Holo Rares only $100
1st Edition Neo Discovery Non Holo Set $180

1st Edition Shinings
Shining Gyarados $200
Shining Celebi $200
Shining Charizard $600+ (Will accept lower condition)
Shining Kabutops $200
Shining Mewtwo $300
Shining Raichu $250

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Updated wants. Only 5 cards left to finish my collection!


I have the caterpie only but i feel bad bc of the shipping

Yeh thanks man it’s something I always have to way up with the lower priced cards. I’ll see if I can get some together but if not I’ll let you know. Thanks

no worries bud, if you need some psa 10’s or ungraded copies that could be 9’s, let me know. Id hate to have shipping cost as much as the item lol. Youre better off waiting for someone unfortunately

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Updated wants. Only 2 cards left:
Pokemon breeder 40
Magikarp 40


Updated wants: all neo sets for a binder

Are you looking for English or Japanese?

Apologies I meant to include English. I’ll update it now

Updated with completely new wants.

Off the top of my head I have Neo Genesis Meganium 11 and Slowking. I have Neo Discovery Umbreon as well, but if you’re talking about the Holo version and not the rare, it is the most expensive card in the set so I’d be asking more than $30

Ah ok cool. I looked at sold eBay but must have looked at the non holo price. Are all yours graded or ungraded? What price do you put on umbreon?

Just a heads up there’s no price on your Shining Gyarados. Good luck finding everything!

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I have 1st Ed. Neo Genesis C. / Un. Set and all 1st Ed. C. Sets if you’re interested in discussing those!

Nice. I reckon I’ll try and get a set with the rares first as I only see those sets with the C and U. If I can find sets of the rares I’ll come back to you for the others.

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Oh cheers I didn’t realise that.

Bump. 11 holos to go and a few of the non holo sets left

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Bump. 1st edition Shining Mewtwo PSA 10 added

Bump added 1st edition Jungle Booster Box

Bump added Fan Club Eevee and Porygon PSA 10