Buying Foreign Base/Jungle/Fossil Holos

Looking for foreign 1st ed holos from Base, Jungle and Fossil. Mainly Jungle and Fossil in either French/Dutch/Portuguese/Italian/German.

I only have MINT which costs a premium. Do you care more about price or condition and what are you paying?

Well I only want mint cards or NM/M whatever. I do not want graded cards. I do not care about price. It all depends on what you have. Mainly looking for Fossil/Jungle 1st Ed

Would you want an unlimited dutch/french (don’t which one, but most likely dutch) venusaur base set nm/mint for $5 shipped?

@elam18, dutch has IP instead of HP french has PV :wink:

I can get you a complete dutch unlimited base/jungle if you want.

(I live in Belgium where they where released).

I appreciate the offer, But I already have a 1st Ed Dutch set of both, thanks though. I’m Mainly looking for 1st Ed Dutch/Portuguese/German/French Jungle and Fossil. Some Base cards too but I don’t need too many as they are very easy to find.

@elam: no thanks man. appreciate it though.

Hi Cody,
I have both German sets complete first edition but only a few doubles that I could offer you… if you want to buy them as a set rather than individually, there is a fossil set on ebay right now. It is unlimited but I guess you can’t go wrong with this price?!

Let me know if you want me to look up my doubles!

Oh and @elam18 can you upload a picture? I might take it :blush:

Wow, that’s a crazy find. Only 10 pounds for 16 holos?! That’s awesome, thanks so much for this link, I bought all 3 sets haha. Thanks again Alex!

EDIT: still looking for 1st Ed stuff, so if anyone has any, full sets, singles or extras, please contact me.

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He’s had those advertised for quite a while, I bought a set of him a few months ago and the cards were in perfect condition. Delivery was also lightning quick, have you received yours yet?

Actually I have sent him several messages to combine the shipping, or just asking him what he wants for the shipping, and he hasn’t responded for days. There’s no way I’m going to pay for an item from another country where the seller is unresponsive. Also there’s no way I’m going to pay 20 pounds for shipping, when he can combine. I’m still waiting to see what happens, or for any response… Either way still looking for this stuff if anyone has any.

would u want japanese cards? i have new genesis 156,153,&155 and i have fossil 75

No thank you, not looking for Japanese stuff, appreciate the offer though.

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What Portuguese stuff are you looking for? I’m sure I know some people waiting to do business.