Japanese Booster Rarity?

I am just wondering why it’s virtually impossible to find any Japanese booster packs or boxes from Gym 2 to Diamond and Pearl? There seems to be lots of boxes of Base Set, Team Rocket, etc, a lot of the original sets. I set out to find some EX and ADV packs, no dice.

In English you can find these series everywhere from eBay to online stores. Can anyone tell me what exactly happened between these periods that the packs have become so rare and extinct in Japan? Thanks.


it will cost you about an amr or a leg if you wish to find E-series stuff those things are very very hard to find and when they pop on ebay they still go high even if its loose packs.the dp era cards were pretty decent but now booster boxes will still cost around 100+ since they have been discontinued.gym 2 and neo series arent hard to find as much as the others are but neo 3 and 4 are becoming more and more rarer for collectors.

I got lucky and was able to find 4 boxes from the ADV/PCG era, and 19 packs from a different ADV/PCG set. Also, I was lucky enough to find 2 sealed Pokemon WEB packs. The ADV/PCG boxes were not cheap though, I though around $100 on YJ! (prob $120 with all the fees, etc). Here are some pics.


I have since opened all of my packs (except for the WEB packs), so I have lots of duplicates if anyone is interested.

That makes sense. And I assume since most Japanese cards are limited to just Japan, there is less printed. Still, pretty crazy how impossible to find they are.

Nice! Those are pretty good decent prices from things I’ve seen these days. I seen those same boxes on Hardrock for about $175 a piece, not including shipping. Kind of insane for only 20 packs, about $8.75 a pack. That WEB Pack is cool, never seen one before. :blush:

so thats how a WEB pack looks like interesting lol.well if you buy a japanese box off yahoo japan auctions and factor in the shipping fees and the middleman fee its about the same price more or less depending how much the box was sold for.

Im looking for a Miracle Crystal Booster pack with the charizard and celebi cover? Anyone can help me?

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