Korean cards

My friend has a load of cards he doesn’t want most are Korean ,are these worth me taking them off his hands? I mean I can’t give you specifics untill I see him next week, but he did say it includes alot of shinies and as I’ve known him along time it won’t cost me much if even anything…

just wondering if they are as popular to collect/resell etc. afterall just getting back into the Pokemon scene after like 6-7 years XD

Korean cards aren’t the best in terms of collectability…
They are cheaper than most other sets, so hopefully you get a really good deal

most likely free ;D

I’d only pick them up if you personally like the look of Korean cards. As Pokemontrader said, they are not as valuable as their English/Japanese counterparts.

That being said, I wouldn’t say no to the Korean Base Set holos.

mhm yeah ok thanks guys

I’d be very interested if he has a non 1st edition Base set Voltorb and Electrode :grin:

The holos are still in demand if mint…

all would be perfect, so that’s good to hear:P

If you don’t want any Korean base set unlimited bulk, or 1st edition for that matter; commons, uncommons, rares, and holos, I would purchase from your friend.

Only WOTC cards would be of interest though.

I’m interested as well in seeing what you have.

The Korean Base set cards should really zoom up in price so I’d be interested in more of them for sure.

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Vodka might only have newer Korean cards, though. But I have first dibs on Voltorb and Electrode unlimited! Anyone that gets in my way will have to feel my wrath!!!

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I should hope so too! :stuck_out_tongue: Unfortunately I’m almost positive that his friend doesn’t have any of those, keeping in mind he already said there are many shinies included.

i see my friend saturday will find out then xd, in others ways been getting some nice finds, for a week and a bit of starting full gym set, full team rocket set, etc, just starting on Japanese ones too,

got a ‘rare’ folder that I’ll take pics of all the cards in that need thoughts on how good they are as idk lol

Do we happen to have a list of the release dates for the 10 exclusive korean DPPt sets?

got a job lot of like 700 cards, got a few rares, ;p cant wait for these for ,interest me more

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korean mewtwo ex, got that off him today lol

lol ok turned out he lied to me he only had a small set of common korean’s and mewtwo EX, got some shiny /holo JP one also will get some pics real soon

really? :dizzy_face:

can never have too much of either

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