Korean Base Set

I have been trying to do research to determine what is going on with Korean Base set cards, but I find that I am having troubles doing it myself. Some may have heard that there was a language that only printed the Base set in 1st edition. At first glance, it would seem that Korean Base set fits the bill.

I found this, which proves that there are at least Unlimited Korean cards printed for the theme decks. blog.daum.net/taejinsong/9553240
I wish I could read what is said in the article or contact the user to ask about Base Set. I’m still perplexed by the fact that Unlimited Base Korean is so rare, that even some folks from S. Korea claim only 1st edition was printed. I was going to suggest that perhaps the main set was not released in Unlimited, but instead the theme decks were. But that contradicts the fact that a user here (@abv150) has an unlimited Magneton in Korean (maybe it is Chinese?) and I was told by a guy from Pokegym that he has a Korean Voltorb.

If anyone has any sort of information to contribute, I would love to hear it. Additionally, if you have any Korean Base set Unlimited cards, do you mind uploading a picture so we can verify the language, or if you are 100 percent sure it is Korean, describe the cards you have?I want to cross reference all of the confirmed cards with the cards available in theme decks and see what we find. Thanks for any help

@garyis2000, from what I can see in your Pokegym picture, the cards you have all come in theme decks. I can only make out some of them though.

Also, if anyone has any loose ADV 1 Korean cards, I’d like to get more info on the codes on the bottom left corner.

Edit: Here are the cards that are not included in any of the theme decks. If you have one in Unlimited Korean, please let me know.

Clefairy Doll
Devolution Spray
Impostor Professor Oak
Item Finder
Pokémon Breeder
Pokémon Trader
Scoop Up
Full Heal
Pokémon Center
Pokémon Flute
Double Colorless Energy

lol korean cards interest me, I only have a korean mewtwo ex though atm

Well, lets hope we can get some more information on it for the benefit of us all :blush: If abv150’s card turns out to be a real Korean Magneton, then that blows my theme deck theory out of the water.

I haven’t found much information about the unlimited print run either, however I would always prefer first edition copies even if they aren’t as rare in this case.
In case of that Magneton you can simply compare it to my Korean copy to clarify the language…

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Thanks, that is certainly helpful. I’m secretly hoping for the Unlimited cards to be exclusive to the theme decks so I dont have to bother with Voltorb and Electrode. However, I agree that 1ED is always more preferred. There aren’t many instances where I would rather have Unlimited.

Apears safe to say no unlimited booster boxes were ever produced?

Not quite, but I’m leaning towards that thinking. Can you provide a list of the cards you have in Unlimited? I’d like to cross check them with the theme decks. One source told me that Unlimited cards were never printed, while another said they were, but in minuscule amounts. The same source that said they were printed also thought there were no theme decks, which cant be true based on the pictures in my link in the first post…

After all these months and tons of hours searching have you ever seen even one non starter unl Korean card?

Apparently abv150 has a Magneton. But he might have meant to say Magnemite. I know I have made mistakes like that in the past haha But if he truly does have a Magneton, then it might be true. I can get a list of cards that are not in the theme decks and put it in the first post. If you have any in your handful of Unlimited Korean cards that match any non theme deck cards, then that might be proof too.

Yeah I have researched Korean cards also.

I even visited Korea last year, and was looking for pokemon cards, and retro games. I found an area not far from Seoul which is like nerds paradise.
It was South Korea’s technology and gaming district. There we’re a few card sellers, but non had any old pokemon cards. >.< Only cards printed from the late 2000’s

So that quest was a fail.

However, I know a guy who focuses on selling foreign pokemon cards from over 4 years ago. I just messaged him, so hopefully he will give me a respected answer on unlimited Korean prints.

I really want to see adv150’s magneton, I can tell you straight away if it is Chinese or Korean. As I live in Hong Kong. I honestly thought that unlimited Chinese cards we’re non existent also. Until I found some here last year. I think the print run for unlimited in Chinese is immensely short, and the same could be for Korean.

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That is interesting. I didn’t know Unlimited Chinese was so hard to find. I was able to get a hold of them pretty readily (just Voltorb and Electrode) so I never had any doubt of them. I’m wondering if there is a good place where Korean players get together to talk about Pokemon, such as a facebook group or a forum. I know only of this, but I don’t have access to the group: cafe.naver.com/pokemontcg.

I also sent Ottawacollector an email on Pokegym to see if he can clarify on the cards he claims to have, though I don’t think he is very active on the forum. I guess we will see about that Magneton.

I’ll shoot ottawacollector a message.
He’s not as interested in pokemon like he once was.

My sister is pretty fluent in Korean, I can ask her to translate your article if you want?

Uh, oh. I hope we don’t smother him with messages haha I tried using the email linked to his account because I rarely see him online. I hope we can get this all figured out. It’s been driving me nuts haha

Hehe, no worries.
Him and I were like Bonnie and Clyde. :stuck_out_tongue:
I sent a message on facebook to him.

That would be great! Thanks!

Cool, thanks! He claimed to have an unlimited Voltorb or Electrode and I believe he said there were more Korean cards in his lot. If he does have some, maybe he can provide us a picture.

Checked the card and it’s an Unlimited Korean Base Magneton.
I’ll take a picture of the card when I can.

I’ve got a lot of ADV1 Korean cards. They all have the same code.

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Ugh, that is what I was afraid of haha. And what do you mean by the same code? Is the code the same among all cards or just among the individual doubles?

Here’s the picture of the Korean Unlimited Magneton:

All the ADV1 Korean cards have individual codes. All doubles have the same code.