Chinese and Korean base charizard?

Does anyone know someone who could help me get both the 1st ed and unlimited versions of these cards? My searches are drawing up absolutely nothing. ANY help at all would be Very much appreciated!!

Oh, I was living in Hong Kong last year, and cleared everywhere trying to look for Chinese cards… it is like impossible to find them.

I have barely been able to complete an unlimited set for myself, which Chinese unlimited booster packs we’re last given out at a special amine promo event in Hong Kong, many years ago. So they are extremely scarce, more-so than 1st editions. This applies also for Korean unlimited.

So, in answer to your querie,

I have only 1 incomplete unlimited Chinese base set available only, my final one… and about 200 unlimited Chinese cards spare, 100% GEM MINT- booster pack fresh.

Chinese unlimited set- GEM MINT - missing 13 cards, contains 6 holo’s / most rares, price = unconfirmed.

I cannot put a price on this yet, as this is becoming too hard to find in 2014… I have searched for years, and cannot even finish my own set, I am missing 3 cards in my personal set.
It Would be nice to hear others opinions for pricing… but in all honesty, too many people are collecting these cards, and the demand is extremely high currently, there are very, very few sets left.

There was a thread on Korean cards beforehand, 1st edition print is easier to find than unlimited, its almost impossible to find unlimited Korean cards.

Thank you so much for the reply!! I now see a much clearer picture of how much I won’t be able get my hands on these cards xD

I almost bought one off a seller on ebay a few months back (1st edition and unlimited charizards) I’m unsure if they sold or if he still has but some eventually show up

What would you pay? Be generous and you just might flush them out;)

Lol I wouldn’t even know where the price would start at for those. Got any estimates on mind?

I sold a mint 1st Ed set of the 16 holos for $150.

Would you have another one? :grin:

I didn’t find any on eBay so can’t help pricing it but several of us do have them and if your best offer is high enough you could get em;)


I’d probably start my offer with $250 for unlimited and $350 for 1st ed vice versa depending on which version is a lot rarer :grin:

I think that is a very cheap price!

Do you have any more lol?

I really want to get my hands on Korean 1st / unlimited base sets. As well as complete my Chinese unlimited, and 1st edition base.

People can PM me offers of interest for the incomplete Chinese unlimited base set, and Chinese unlimited base singles in GEM MINT booster fresh condition.

The seller I bought few packs of before (chinese) has all the holos bar 1 or 2 he wanted $200 for them
can’t remember if first edition or unlimited think he had mixture of both as I recall

If anyone has a pikachu, i am interested :blush:

pretty sure the guy I was trying to buy off has one I’ll contact him and find out

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I pmed u ;D

I researched the Korean ones for a long while and managed to gain access to a Korean Pokemon blog. Unfortunately, even the members there don’t even know that Unlimited exists. In my opinion, unlimited Korean is the rarest variation of Base set ever made. Of the classic sets, I think it rivals the 3rd Print Fossil cards.

If you are lucky, you might find the unlimited Chinese Charizard, but I think you might need more than luck for unlimited Korean :stuck_out_tongue:

Just my two cents! Good luck on your search, and as always, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for them for you.


Hi! I really need a korean base set charizard, 1st or not is indifferent

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