Why are Chinese cards so hard to get?


I was wondering if someone knew which sets were released in Chinese. Especially looking for Pikachu cards as you know :wink:
i know of the base set, but was it 1st edition and unlimited? What other sets?

why aren’t they readily available on Ebay?

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Because they were so limited and not produced highly

Anyone know someone who has Chinese cards? So only the base set was printed in Chinese…?

Base set in 1st edition and Unlimited, Plusle and Minun kit and EX Legend Maker were the only sets produced in Chinese. They are just rare because they were very isolated and likely not highly produced like icebreaker said.

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How do you know? I can’t find any information on this.

so as for Pikachu’s:

base 1st, base unlimited, secret legend maker :blush:

Because I’m the expert :stuck_out_tongue:
LOL, I’ve just talked to a ton of people when trying to get Chinese cards, so I eventually learned a lot about them. I have some Legend Maker cards, so I know they exist. If you want the secret Pikachu, I can help you find it. It will likely be hard to do though.

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I’d be nervous about buying a Chinese pokemon card. Is it real or a fake? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

100 percent real haha

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I agree with, timewaster. There’s countless fakes, in China. If you don’t think they are doing it, look at the coins China is selling. People over there bought the dye molds and are making silver coins without, silver. I’m not saying if you have these cards, they are fake. I’m saying, if they are making perfect copies of American silver coins, they are making perfect pokemon cards. Wouldn’t be hard if you already copied the world trade currency.

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I don’t think there is any market for fake Base set cards anymore, and there certainly isnt a market for the EX Legend Maker. I understand the concern, but I have contacts with reliable people there. They are all Pokemon players, some retired, some current, but they are credible sources. Also, the Base set cards are often easier to find in the US anyway. Most of those people probably bought the official packs themselves or got them from WOTC employees.


That would be amazing! Will the rarity make it expensive? Or the fact that the collectors for them are rare too make them affordable?

What base Chinese exactly are you looking for. If your looking for many different I could dig mine out.

It would depend on the seller. Go ahead and shoot me a message if you are interested and I can see what I can do for you!

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Only pikachu really, it would be a great help if you would.

You still have that Korean Electrode for sale right?

China is not producing convincing fakes, especially older WOTC cards. Manufacturing convincing fake cards for pokemon is unrealistic. The necessary equipment needed would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Also, trying to replicate the holo patterns along with the actual print and card type used for older cards would be ridiculously tedious.

There are fakes out there, especially for newer sets, but majority of the time they are laughable.


This is why we buy from you on ebay :blush:

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