Chinese EX Legend Maker!

Hey everyone!

I will soon be making some exchanges with some friends in China who have cards from the Chinese EX Legend Maker set. For those of you know don’t know, EX Legend Maker and the Plusle and Minun kit were printed in Taiwan for a limited time back in 2006 (I think). These cards are extremely hard to track down due to the limited print run and location.

Link to the website -

I am offering to provide a middleman service for those who might be interested in snagging a few of these cards. Notables include:

Gengar, Mew, Absol, Pinsir, Arcanine ex, Banette ex, Armaldo ex, Dustox ex, Flygon ex, Mew ex, Walrein ex, Regice star, Regirock star, Regesteel star and Pikachu delta.

Keep in mind, these are not guaranteed to be available and it’s first come first serve. Anyone who is interested, please send me a PM or comment here and I will look into getting you the card you need. Any exposure I can create might help see more of these cards surface, making them easier to obtain outside of Taiwan. It is a very cool, unique an rare set, so hurry up and snatch them while you can!

Any idea how much a Mew ex would cost (and what condition I could expect)? :blush:

I am unsure. I can ask about the condition for you. It looks like that Mew ex in the photo belongs to the same guy who is offering a Regice star for $30 dollars. The Voltorb and Electrode I got from him were NM-Mint. Very minor edgewear on the back. I would expect the same for his Mew. I can ask though. What price would you expect to pay?

Haha, well I will try my best to get one for the both of you!
Or better yet, I will give you each half of the card! Which half do you want??

Can I get a corner of that card too! Pretty please :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m aways down the list at this point but how much would the Mew be?

I’m not sure yet, but I will hopefully be getting in touch with more people soon. They may have some extra Mew’s.

Is anyone interested in any of the Holo rares, rares, uncommons, commmons and trainers?

Pretty awesome, I never was able to find these while I was in Hong Kong, they must of only stayed within Taiwan only.

I would expect to pay $15-20, but if @bagoly14 wants it (and the guy only has one) he can have it. :blush:

I am actually incredibly picky on condition… Could you ask about edge wear?

Soulwind, I might have a hard time finding a Gem mint one and for the right price, but I would absolutely check around for you.

Hmm if gem mint is tough I think I’m out. Sounds like it’s going to be a bunch of work anyway and I have plenty of other wants right now so better count me out. Thanks

I’ll keep you guys updated on condition of the cards I find.

I’d just like a basic NM/M quality, if that’s possible, on the cards I messaged you about. Gem mint is not a requirement for me in this instance.

Any idea what the coin is from the trainer kit pieces?

What do you mean? Like if I can get it or if it is different from the English one?

i’d be interested in the gengar , also let me know you find any more korean gems ;]

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Since Tony is super busy, I’ll just relay what he told me.

His contacts haven’t had any success finding these cards for sale like they previously believed they might. So none are available for sale through Tony for the time being.

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Thanks Funmonkey54 :grin:

I haven’t forgotten about anyone. I’m sure the cards are available, but it’s a matter of the right people seeing the thread that my contact posted. There are a couple thousand people in the group and it often gets buried beneath posts about the video games haha I will update the people that PM’d me if/when the cards become available. Sorry for the inconvenience!

all is good

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