Japanese Unlimited Legend series

As many of you know, the Japanese Legend sets are almost impossible to find in unlimited edition. There seem to be very few cards on the market and much of that might be due to the low demand for unlimited cards coupled with the amount of years passed since its initial release. I, as well as a few others, am searching for some cards from these rare sets. I was thinking it might be beneficial to pool our resources and work together to uncover these cards. Anyone who has information on these cards, sources, or sees them in an auction, feel free to post it here. Also, discuss if you are willing to go in on boxes or packs to try your luck in obtaining the cards that you need.

I will start sharing what I can soon!

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Yes super hard to find, I don’t think I have even seen one unlimited Legend card for sale. I will keep an eye out, personally I am after the L1 Gyarados rare and mirror


Hi! I’ve been doing some research myself on Unlimited Legend Series packs/boosters/cards. This is what I have so far. Sorry if I’m all over the place haha.

Here is a quick list of Merchandise and some notes I have gathered.

Random Basic Pack: (bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Random_Basic_Pack_(TCG)) These were made during L1 release and contain a random assortment of cards from L1. A majority of the stock images of people selling this item from Japan do not contain the 1st edition. In fact, all of the ones listed on eBay from different sellers are of the same photo. However, a majority of the items used to market the LEGEND series from people oversees as shown on eBay and amazon do not contain the 1st edition sign.

In messaging one of the sellers of the Random Basic Pack on eBay, asking if it is 1st Edition

they said “Hi, Thanks for the message. First edition does not have. I’m sorry.” The listing I believe has been taken down. If you’re looking for unlimited cards in L1 a Random Basic pack may be your best bet if you happen to find one that is Unlimited.

7-Eleven Original Calendar with Expansion Pack: These came with 1 Pack and a Calendar for a certain month. The HeartGold Collection pack L1 and SoulSilver Collection L1 pack were included in July and August, respectively. Again, a majority of these photos do not contain the 1st Edition sign however from looking more into these packages it seems that they were 1st edition. Here is a link to a blog that has a picture of them, can’t really tell if they are 1st edition or not. There was another blog site that showed them, but I can’t seem to find it and I believe they were all 1st edition.

Blister Packs: All that I have seen are 1st Edition.

LEGEND Perfect Set: All that I have seen are 1st Edition.

Booster Boxes: I messaged one of the sellers on Amazon with a Revived Legends L2 box. And he said it was not 1st edition. But a customer said it was 1st edition. Amazon is a bit confusing in their question format as it overlays the same product into the same rating system and possibly the same question/ answer system.


I’ll update if I find anything else. Sorry if some of this information was already known. Hopefully it helps.


There’s these little single card promo things, but I suppose they don’t really count. I got a few when I bought a couple HG/SS boxes from a Japanese seller, then were in the original cardboard box which has the Legend logo on it and also some plastic sleeves to hang on shelves/rack.

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Thanks for the info! I found some auctions for unlimited Legend pieces in all 3 sets, but I do believe there is a promo set that includes them all together. I’ll have to dig for that information. However, here are the cards. It might be a good idea to ask about the origin of these cards.




Those sellers have other Legend pieces as well. I can also confirm that Legend 3 has unlimited booster packs as I’ve seen some pictures on a blog. I can try and locate that as well. What I don’t know is if there are any boxes. Perhaps there might be some warehouses that still have the boxes hidden away. Also, Pokecen doesn’t specify if cards are 1st edition or not, but they list some of their cards with unlimited photos, though they might be stock pictures.

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The unlimited legend cards were given out to people who won the runner up prize in the shiny Pokemon present campaign, the winners got the shiny Rayquaza, deoxys, kyogre, groudon, dialga and palkia.



I seen a few on ebay and even on yahoo japan.

I only seen some that are beat up. How would we even list them to psa?
Would they be listed as something different from the set they are based and taken from?

Found this video about it. Seems to me those are 1st edition so maybe it doesnt come from the random legend base pack.

Ill see if there is anymore videos

Here is an example of the packs and contents from Legend 3: ameblo.jp/matamanta/image-10630094571-10713560980.html
I personally own a few unlimited cards from this set as well. Tried contacting this user but I have had no luck. Perhaps someone who is well versed in Japanese might have a better chance? They appear to be active.


The reverse Celebi in this lot is unlimited!

Looks like a few more are coming out of the woodwork. I wish it was possible to contact the seller to see if they have individual cards. page11.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n195915146

I have 2 cards that are unlimited and I don’t mean to thread jack I was just curious if my 2 cards pertain to the cards you are all talking about as I don’t know much about the Legend series and picked these up in lot on ebay. Celebi is L3 and Scizor is L2 so are we talking about all 3 sets or just strictly L1? They are in pretty good condition not Gems but I was also wondering if they would be worth grading since they are sorta the “No rarity” cards of the legend series it seems right? Sorry tons of questions I know lol Anyway here they are

Those are very nice cards! I definitely think it would be a good idea to try and get as many of those as you can since they are so rare. I can’t comment on if they are the next “no rarity” since they aren’t all that popular. But this does pertain to all 3 Legend sets.


Two unlimited cards from France


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You know I had to pick up those beauties as soon as I saw em :grin: thank you for sharing the links! I have a couple more coming from Japan that I found so I will update with some pictures once they arrive.


I really hope you can complete the set eventually! You’ll just have to get past me for the Voltorbs/Electrodes first :wink:


Picked up the Rayquaza/Deoxys unlimited set from @noodles on eBay. When i got them Im pretty sure he had a couple of the others in unlimited for sale. Not sure if he still does though.


So the Random basic pack has 1 prime or 1 legend.
I’m assuming it must be regular prime not reverse, but if it is a legend card, does it come with both pieces, because I thought the Japanese sets had both pieces in a pack

Me too, it is definitely going to be a challenge but that’s what I love about sets like this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and I’m totally fine with waiting for the 2nd set of voltorbs/electrodes to show up if that means you can complete your set :grin:


Why thank you! Oh, and by the way, the Voltorb and Electrode without the symbol in the picture on Amazon Japan are indeed UED. That’s how I got mine.

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Which picture are you now talking about? Does this same seller have a Pikachu for sale?