Japanese Unlimited E Series 1 Cards (Base Expansion Pack)

Lets try to figure something out about this pretty unknown set…

The E1 set was supposed to be 1st edition only, but there are a few unlimited cards out there.

From what Ive seen:

  • Charizard 071/128
  • Pichu 082/128
  • Mewtwo 086/128
  • Meowth 029/128

One Charizard has been sold on YJ for 100.000¥ on March 2017 and it came back a PSA 9… Many congrats to the owner @charchu !

Another Charizard sold instantly for 60.000¥ on May 2017.
In the description and in the comment section, the seller explains a little how these cards came out as Promo, given to staff members of… something. I Google Translated it, but the translator was so bad. I hope some JP guy could help us with a better translation (any tag, please?). ----- pic no more available cause of Photobucket, translation is in the comments

* This link shows instead the Meowth, and it tells about other E1 unlimited cards:

  • Cloyster 078/128
  • Clefairy 028/128

The link also shows an Unlimited Feraligatr, from the E1 Starter Deck [*/029] (supposed to be 1st only as well).

After many researches I was able to obtain twoE1 unlimited Pichus (one got the psa 10 but no more in my possesion),
and two E1 unlimited Charizards - you can find some pics in the comment section.

* Ponyta Promo that came in the Information Magazine Vol. 4 is the only Unlimited E1 card with a known background, but all the others didnt come out from those magazines.

We could use this thread to discuss about these cards, and I really hope some other E1 unlimited cards will pop up, sooner or later.

EDIT: you will find many answers in the comments!

Special credits to @hapycakeoven


Really interested in where these come from as well. I’ve asked a friend of mine if he could translate both the charizard description/comments and the meowth blog entry.

Also I see you mention Mewtwo (not Alakazam). I thought it was the Alakazam that was unlimited? Is there a pic/source for the Mewtwo? Though after all I only read about the Alakazam. I don’t think I have seen confirmation of the Alakazam before.

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Many thanks for your help!

I thought it was Alakazam just because I barely remembered about an E1 unlimited psychic pokemon.
If you see from the the ‘‘Meowth blog’’ the writer mentioned Mewtwo 086/128, and when I saw that I remembered I was wrong. Sadly I dont have pics but I am 100% sure TheCardCollectorUK sold one around 3 years ago (is where I bought my Pichu).

No Alakazam confirmed so.

lol… gosh… i suspect another no rarity case…

booster boxes marked as 1st edition giving out unlimited ?

i never seen unlimited packs or boxes before… probably out there somewhere. i’m not so interested in these though. it seems sus how little production there was of them, and how notorious they are, and how Japanese sellers know about it… do you think maybe wotc knew their contract was closing, and printed unlimited just for staff?

This isn’t an error, it’s sus the run was so short…

*i’m just thinking shit in my head

I am pretty confident in what that seller wrote… something more like a promo given for a small event, maybe? A good transaltion or a direct contact with that seller would be awesome tho

Lol that seller is way more logical yes.

Imagine if there was a booster box, with like 3-5 charizards.
And was marked 1st edition.


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I’m kind of a noob with eSeries cards but… The Unlimited versions are only rare for the 1st set or all 5 sets? I am just wondering because I don’t have much knowledge on these cards, though I love the art on Mew in this series. If anyone can let me know I would be very appreciated :blush:

Nope, just E1… after E1 they started to print regularly UED and 1st

My friend got back to me and said that the charizard was from staff decks and given away at the event they were used at. My friend thinks it’s probably a tournament, but he didn’t see anything about what event it was. That’s most likely where the other unlimited cards come from as well.

On that blog you linked is another post about unlimited cards showing a couple others cards:

I think this post explains how they were for teaching kids how to use the e-reader cards at pokemon centers/tournaments and after teaching the kid they’d be given the card? I could be wrong though since my google translate-fu isn’t the best. I could try asking my friend to translate this post as well but I don’t want to bother him too much since he’s not into pokemon cards lol


Thanks for the info! I thought I had a couple but I was wrong lol.

Awesome! A huge thanks for your help!


In Japanese the text says that it is common knowledge that eseries base set are mostly printed as 1st edition in Japan. The charizard is referred to as a error card that was given during release date without a 1st edition stamp.


Thanks a lot :blush:

@justinator Just got confirmation, the UED Pikachu does in fact exist. A fellow Pikachu collector from Belgium (who also has over 700 unique Pikachu cards and is currently helping me find some Korean cards), has it in his collection. Here is a picture:



__1st_design._.nine AKA @nine recently told me E1 unlimited cards were promo given out at Pokemon Center in 2001

Charizard has 4 copies known in collector’s hands so far.
The one in the right deserves a 10
*finger crossed*



I did not get cards on the spot.

When the charizard was sent in Japanese “Mercari” application, the acquisition route was written.
The contents are as follows.

An event to teach how to use Pokemon Card e at the Pokemon Center was held.
Unlimited E Series 1 was distributed on the last day of the event.


A fresh article written by a @nine’s friend
The Lucky Award - 2002 Coloring contest
The twitter link shows the original deck given to each partecipant:


So it came in a box???

Today is a good day :blush:
I just have been told that my unlimted E1 zard got the PSA 10!

Pop1 as well

Same label of my old PSA 10 Pichu (no more in my possession)

I will upload a good zard pic once my friend @pottsinator will get the card back from Psa!