Chinese Ex Legend Maker

After searching the internet for hours upon hours…I came across these cards for sale on a Taiwanese site. Seem legit? Very very cheap!

I don’t know much about these sets in terms of how valuable the holos are…or even found a pack that looks like this.

Has anyone seen these before? Or know if the Taiwanese market got a different artwork on the packs?


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Yes, @tonysandlin seems to be the man with experience in this field! I’m buying up every single pack they have if these are legit.

They do seem to be! I’m chatting with the seller now…good workout for my Chinese

They look like the one advertised on the chinese pokemon site. I was looking for the pikachu for some time. Any chance you’re willing to sell it once you get it. Or sell me some packs?

Any way, great find!

Great find!!! I would love to get some of these cards.

hope it’s the real deal, major score

Are you trying to get offers?
Because that is how you get offers.

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Yep! Those are the real deal! I found some people who had those cards and even offered to be a middle man for some members here to grab a few. Sadly, my communication with them ceased and I don’t have much luck getting in touch with anyone else. I’m glad you were able to find some packs!

If this comes through, you guys will be the first ones to get hooked up. Don’t worry.


good lad :grin:

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I could always use one of these guys from the EX Legend Maker Chinese expansion:


Just an update on this. I have at least 5 people in Taiwan working on buying these for me. I have also made a new contact who has these cards for trade. I’ll let you all know how this goes down!


Of course, should I get more than one, you will be first in line. Just watch this space. I’ll keep this thread updated, or make a new one and tag you guys if/when the cards come in.

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Way to go! You would be a great help to many people on this thread!

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Sure am! But I would only want a gem mint copy so I can further indulge in my PSA fantasies.

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Do you guys know if there Would be a charizard in this set? :grin:

Ah, such a nice looking pack art! So basic! Hope you end up getting them!

There would not be.

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I have the Mew Ex. If the packs come in and they contain another- I’ll be in touch :slight_smile:



I imagine I’d be the first to have these ex cards PSA graded? Is there a list somewhere of what’s been graded and how many?