Sealed Chinese EX Legend Maker booster boxes

I managed to get in touch with an old card shop in Taiwan, and they had some packs, that have been in storage for the past ten years (ish). I ensured that they were indeed in sealed booster boxes, they said they were, 36 packs to a box. I said I’d take them. Tricky part - they only accept Taiwanese Dollars, and only ship to Taiwan. I asked a parent of a Taiwanese student at my school to pay the invoice, and had them delivered to another contact of mine in Taiwan. He then sent them out to me via courier (cash on delivery)

I was in Malaysia when they arrived, so the security guards didn’t accept delivery. When I came back a week later, I called the company. The package was about to be sent back to Taiwan (!?) unless I came down to their center by the next day. Hopped on my motorbike, and drove through the pouring rain to the center. Closed for lunch. Sheltered in a nearby KFC til it opened again at 14:30.

Got the package, took it home full of joy - expecting to open the package and see sealed booster boxes! Never been seen before!

Opened the package…loose booster packs, some in sealed bags, but all in bundles of 36. From this, I can only deduce that they never did come in booster boxes - only packs, sent out to shops loose. Otherwise, why would they send me bundles of 36?

Anyway, just wanted to rant about that. At least I’m the sole possessor of said boosters!

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Really hope you open up a few packs so we can get a look at some of these really rare Chinese cards. Congratulations on getting them!

Still sounds good.

Hey, careful now, or I’ll be blasted for making a ‘selling’ thread! Contact me in PM mate. Admins go bananas over this.

If you check my collection thread, you can see the (at the time of posting) partially complete set.

I’m pretty blown away by how unique these cards are. You’re probably the only person in the world with a set like this, and kudos to you!

That actually really sucks. Sorry you went through all of that to not get sealed boxes.

Still come out ahead in the end, but shame they weren’t sealed boxes.

Thanks! There is another collector…and guess where he got his collection… :slight_smile:

I could be an ass and keep this to myself, or I could try and get these to sell on into the community. But then…the more people that have them…the less they’re worth…anyway I digress.

Still really, really hope you find another set of the Chinese promos. I still think those have the coolest story to them.
Finding neat stuff all the time my man. I’m glad! Turned one of the most under-documented areas of cards into one of the most thoroughly documented!

Thanks bud. Yeah, I’ve certainly filled a niche. Perhaps my next job should be in Korea and see what I can do there!

Well - I have finished my sets. All I need is one pesky Unlimited edition Blastoise from Base, and I’m done.


Having complete information on Korean cards, especially Base and the early EX series, would be fantastic!

What you have done with Chinese is great, though. I had attempted to delve deeper into the history of Chinese prints, but I had far less opportunities and resources that you had. We all owe you thanks for expanding our knowledge in this little known area of Pokemon!

I hope you find that Blastoise, too :stuck_out_tongue:

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Good decision you wanted to forward some of the packs for another collectors. :wink:

Does anyone have idea why Banette was changed to Gengar in chinese booster pack cover?

Well gee, thanks Darkrai…that’s put me back on the wild goose chase…

Haha no, thanks man. I need something to hunt down. Watch this space.

That’s right - it’s the same reason they distributed POP series cards at the Taiwan PokePark. They were aiming at reviving the craze - and putting ‘obscure’ new pokemon on the front would only discourage this. They tried their best…but alas, no cigar. The series flopped yet again - leaving these cards a valuable rarity for us collectors, but unfortunately, it also spelled the death of Chinese cards once and for all. I’d love a Chinese golden Charizard from Wild Blaze. Sigh.

Maybe there were sealed boxes but customs opened them for inspection?


Open, inspect, discard boxes?

Open, inspect, send a totally ripped up box to the recipient who discards them and places them in bags.

Maybe customs tore open and ripped the boxes to inspect the innards then placed the packs inside bags and discarded the ripped up boxes? Lol…

That custom agent would not be around long if they did that to other things.

Cell phones

I think its pretty feasible that a flimsy box like booster boxes might be damaged as customs does their thing.

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