Chinese Base Set Booster Box

I want a SEALED box. I have found two sellers with opened boxes. One has 12 missing (hmmm, convenient) and the other has one pack missing.

I have 800 dollars waiting for anyone who can find a sealed box for me. Thanks.


You have opened one of these before, right? Or was it not sealed?

Yeah I did, back when I was trying to complete PSA sets. I’d like a sealed one to keep now.

Well, I hope you find one! Kusmet!

Ditto to this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol leave some for the other guys!

But nothing else interests me!

Fine. Korean boxes please.


I found a listing for a Chinese one, it’s 1st edition too:

Nice find!Anyone know a good price to pay for a Chinese base set 1st edition booster box?