Now, I usually don’t post on the UPCCC seriously. I’m more of a lone wolf, yet I have been looking for a few items.


- Mew EX Dragons Exalted (ENG); I need both 46/124 and 120/124

  • SAMPLE Ghastly

  • SAMPLE Pikachu

  • SAMPLE Pichu

  • Numel & Magby Pal City Stadium
    - Championship Arena (Mew & Celebi) (JPN)

  • Natta Wake #3, #4 and #5 (Sealed in Book)

  • 1996 Gift Set (Sealed, if possible)

  • Anything ultra mega rare that is a super special awesome chocolatey fudge-coated mega super-card.

If you have these for sale – or know of an individual wishing to sell these items – feel free to contact me via PM with a price in mind. Thanks!

  • UU

I got a Natta Wake # 3 Sealed in book and the book is also factory sealed.
PM sent~

Also have the asikobita dugtrio/diglett promo factory sealed

@elam18 - I already have an Asobikata Vol. 2 Magazine (Sealed). Thank you, nevertheless.

What? No, no no you already had enough. Go home! Shoo!