looking for a few

Anybody have

-Rayquaza c lv. 73 (japanese)
-VS series Morty’s TM01

please pm me if you are willing to sell or trade :blush:


Also looking for:

-No rarity base jynx
-Magmortar dragons exhaulted (japanese)

Please help me find these cards for a reasonable price!

Message me about magmortar!

Now looking for a Clash of the Blue sky Whiscash

Got the magmortar, Thanks funmonkey54!

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Still need TM01?

I am pretty sure I have an extra copy somewhere.

child/parent touch change

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I believe I have one copy of this card kicking around in my binder of doubles, not an easy one to find and easily forgotten! If interested then PM me and I can confirm condition and you can make an offer :blush:

It is definitely rare & underrated. It appears less frequently than it’s counterpart. It also appears for sale less frequently than more expensive items such as the fan eevee & porygon promos.

Now looking for:

  • “W” stamped promos
  • Prerelease clefable, seadra, aerodactl
  • E3 pikachu (red and yellow)

Also Gold bordered Meowth cards in good condition. mines all beat up :slightly_frowning_face:

all of em :blush:

I recently purchased a near complete set. I still need:

-Charmeleon W stamped

Also I really really want:

-Quilava intro pack neo
-Cyndaquil intro
-geodude intro
-magby intro
-chikorita intro
-bayleef intro
(in order of priorty)

If anyone has these and are willing to sell or trade, please let me know! Especially the quilava :blush:

currently looking for:

I have - w stamped Charmeleon still sealed - mint

Also NearMint
Prerelease clefable, seadra, aerodactyl and e3 Pikachu yellow cheeks

let me know if you want them…

Need some VS cards to finish off some sets, looking for best prices:

-Karen’s Magmar/Houndoom
-Karen’s TM01/TM02
-Lance’s Dragonite/Ampharos
-Lance’s TM01/02

damn thought I had the Top 2, but can’t locate

I have the Dance! Neo Imakuni. Factory-sealed with the CD, or just the card. PM me if you’re interested.