Looking for some older promos

Im looking for the following cards

  1. Preferably in the raw:

-Touch Generation Change 027/P
-Toyota Pikachu, the real one…
-Latios and Latias VS deck non holos…yeah, all but latios and latias :blush:

  1. Also, in the future I’d like to locate a seller for the following; graded or not

Garura Parent Kangaskhan **
Tamamushi University Magikarp **
Pokémon Card Fan Club Eevee and Magikarp *


I’ve sent you a PM. Cheers!

I have a sealed VS latios/latias deck for sale, also a fan club eevee and magikarp

Also looking for some 1st ed Chinese Base set cards

Magneton, Mewtwo, Poliwrath, Dragoniar

Little old, still looking for Fan Club Eevee?