Looking for 2002 Jr. Rally Promos and others!

Hello everyone! I was hoping that I could find somebody here that might have some extra cards that they would like to sell. :blush:

I’m looking for the following 2002 Jr. Rally Promo Cards in Mint condition:

* Celebi 042/P

* Pikachu 044/P

* Pichu 045/P

* Mewtwo 046/P

* Lugia 047/P

I’d be willing to pay up to $40 per card. If they are still sealed I’d be willing to pay a lot more. I’d rather not have them PSA graded, but I’d be willing to listen to offers if thats the case. :blush:

Also, I’m looking for the Masaki Promos in Mint+ condition as well:

So Alakazam, Machamp, Gengar, Omastar, and Golem. Also Bill’s PC Promo too if anyone has one. :blush:

I’d be willing to pay nicely for them as well. I see NM ones going for around 40-50 dollars. PSA graded ones are welcome.

Then lastly,

I’m looking for Mew Gold Star from Offense and Defense of the Furthest Ends. Also for the Mew Pokemon Scramble Promo. Thank you for your time! Feel free to PM me.

Most of these are available on eBay right now.
I think I have a couple of masaki sets listed but not positive.

True. However, some of the cards (mostly the Jr. Rally) and the Mew Pokemon Scramble promo are very limited in the choices that are available. :confused: Anyways, I would prefer making purchases here and help other collectors out that might be wanting to sell. If you do happen to have some Masaki sets, I would be interested! Thanks! :blush:

I have all the Jr.Rally promos (except the Mewtwo) in PSA 10, that includes the 038/P Festa Pikachu.

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I have a complete masaki set I will sell you. They are all PSA 9

I have a set with psa 10 and 9, and some lower marks. All were pack fresh from sealed packs.

I will do it cheaper than your asking price. Pm

Aaarrrh wtf. How old is this thread. Delete my post sorry.