Massive Sale! Trophy cards! Promos!

Hey Everyone, I am going to be selling a lot of cards. Here is a first look at what I will be listing on eBay in a week or so. Shoot me some offers if you are interested.

No. 2 Trainer 2002 Battle road Trophy card in original case!¤t=0283.jpg¤t=0284.jpg¤t=0285.jpg

Mew EX Players promo

Celebi Ex players promo

Mew 2005 Play promo along with the rest of the 2005 Play set.

New BW Birthday Pikachu Jumbo Card (have multiple copies)

Also I have every base holo being graded and will post the results of those when they arrive. And I have some cards up for auction right now on eBay,

I am open to offers and can take payment plans on anything :blush: If you have any questions at all let me know!

You have a non-graded TMB lucky-stadium? They’re like only worth $50 if you factor in that last auction on ebay :slightly_smiling_face: :stuck_out_tongue:

(I offer $100 for the 9th lucky stadium, though some will try and stop me saying I am being too generous :stuck_out_tongue:)

I thought they were worth 1000?

They are worth well at $1,000 he is joking. I paid $1,000 for it, it is not going any lower than that.

$999.99 for the Lucky Stadium? :stuck_out_tongue: (I want to come to a price that’ll actually make you some profit but also one I can afford on one purchase :slightly_frowning_face: ). Any thoughts?

Hey Dj I am thinking around $200. I have an offer right now but $200 is about the range I am thinking.

And Dogma I will send you a pm :blush: that price is not bad but I will explain details and everything in private :blush:

LOL you said you wouldn’t go under, don’t change your mind :grin:

Is your Players Mew EX still sealed in the plastic by any chance?

$200 for a raw 500pt card would be too much in today’s economy. Also Scott wouldn’t picture a PSA-9 card and then send one of a lesser grade or no grade at all. Scott has a reputation to up hold as both a seller and as an important irreplaceable member of this site.

I’m slightly offended DJ that you would even ask this.

Scott, would you consider cash+trade for certain cards, such as the 9th lucky stadium and also if it’s not graded what grade do you think it’ll get if it were to be graded?

No sorry the eevee I am selling is ungraded. I would of noted if it was graded. I just put up a picture because there is no other one’s with that quality.

And I am looking at $1,000 for the 9th Lucky stadium, I will re-post about price minimums later I have a lot of pm’s to answer and will let everyone know what the minimums are then.

$200 for a raw eevee you expect haggling, hahaha.

Your first post that started this thread state in unequivocal terms that these are the pics of the cards that you are going to be putting up on eBay. I and anyone else would think and rightfully so that the PSA-9 eevee would be the one that you would be looking to sell.

If it’s raw what do think the grade would be if graded?

**Update** I have the New jumbo birthday pikachu card. I have multiple copies, and am looking around $50 a piece.