Trophy Card for Sale!!!

Alright I have a 9th Lucky Stadium bi-lingual Prize Card from the Tropical Mega battle 2000. This card is ultra rare, well less than 50 copies, I have only seen 4 copies of this card as long as I have been collecting.

Here is what the card looks like,¤t=9thstadium.jpg

I must remind you this is a very rare card, the rarest one sold on this site, worth more than the entire players set!

If anyone is interested let me know! And if you want to save for it or do payment plans that is more than ok!

man the timing is all wrong. I would buy it if it was lator this year after I got a job. and with christmas I have no money left (still have to buy presents for 5 people). ARG

Um I am not sure, I had to pay a lot to get it, but probably around $1,000-1,500, it should be mint according to the seller who was extremely helpful (card is on its way).

And an unrelated question, do you know japanese? I heard you during your live pod cast speaking japanese (I think it was japanese) and was impressed :blush:

I’ll throw my hat in the ring: $1,000, if we sort a payment plan? (This means no Charizard :blush:)

PM me

LOL bidding war between me and!

On a serious note I might be able to do it outright in one payment, but I’ll need to check…

Hahaha ahh bad timing. That card is awesome :blush: but i’m afraid i already bough into something else.

Ok to everyone, what I am going to do with this is just let it go to the highest offer. So far $1,500 is the one to beat so $1,501 will do it :blush: But really just let me know what you can do!

Dogma thanks for the offer :blush: unfortunately I paid so much for the card, and will just take the highest offer so I can at least break even, which your offer would of done that. That was a round about way of telling you how much I spent on it :blush:

Mike, what is this card that you bought :blush: I am intrigued!

And Claire let me know what you are thinking as a price. The highest right now is $1,500 and I can do payment plan which we did before which was excellent! And I am jealous of the japanese! I always see auctions on yahoo japan, and am planning to go to japan when I graduate. I want to be involved with the culture but don’t know the first thing about the language. I literally go to google translate, type in pokemon and copy and paste the result on yahoo, or any japanese site :confused:

But really that is an awsome skill!


Damnit I knew that getting it for $1k would’ve been too good to be true…

How on earth did you get it for that price?

OK I need to think about $1,501 :blush:

Well the guy was nice and negotiated a price :blush: But I understand, anything that involves any amount of money above $1 I have to think about it :blush:

I can offer 1600$, if we use the same payment plan i described in the PM :blush:

Alright so far that is the highest offer. I will give it a good 24 hours in case anyone else wants to make an offer on here, email or through a pm.

Also Pyro the payment plan sounds good!

Blech I can’t do $1600. I’ve just bought a Masaki set now so that’s enough spending for me! (if only noone else bid I could’ve got it for $1000 :stuck_out_tongue:)

Congrats to both :blush:

Oh nice you got that set! I should of read before I sent the pm :blush: But I still have that charizard, and those sample cards :blush:

Woooo $1600 thats a good chunk of change :blush: I’m not totally surprised, i’ve only seen it for sale twice.

Scott, I broke my rule about only buying older cards. I scooped up a Victory Ring Pikachu and the more common 3 card set of battle road Pikachus. :blush:

Ahh nice! They are still good cards, especially the pika ring, that one and the mew are underrated at the moment.

And yes it is a solid price for the tmb. I had to drop a lot to get it, and I have only seen 4, including the one I bought privately :blush:

Yeah i’m thrilled I had the chance to grab it! How many of those TMBs are there? Ive heard anywhere from 10-50 copies.

I have only seen 4 total, they are just ridiculously rare. I paid a lot for mine in my personal collection, about the same price as the current offer. It is actually the first trophy card that I saw a long time ago when I discovered there is more to collecting that sets :blush:

I would have to say that card makes my top 10 favorites list. I would love to own one, along with 97-99 trophy pikachu (any place). But I cant really afford to be dropping four digits on cards right now when im trying to save :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m taking over your thread, but how much were the sample cards again?