Lucky Purchase on Ebay

Feeling very lucky.
Just received a package I bought on Ebay early Dec 26th. The auction had been open since Dec 19th and had 7 hours before it expired. The seller posted a $50 minimum with a buy it now price of $120. I used BIN. The package included a mint card from the 2000 TMB that I’ve always known as “Lucky Stadium Hawaii” but most everyone else refers to it as the 9th Lucky Stadium… also included was a 2000 TMB Medal(4" in diameter) and a t-shirt given to the participants. The seller said he was the #1 player in Hawaii at the time and finished around mid pack in the tournament. He decided to sell because he was moving and needed room. The seller posted the auction as:
“Ultra Rare Pokemon ALOHA STADIUM Trainer Card from TMB”. The link to the posting is below.

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Holy crap that is one of the luckiest buys ever!!

Wow that guy didn’t know what he had, that is at least $2,000 worth of merchandise.

Wow! thats pretty amazing. I could never get that lucky :stuck_out_tongue: Congrats on the good purchase!

jesus! I envy you!

What the hell?

Congrats, that is amazing. Did you get the other stuff with it as well? Like the pun in the thread title too :blush:

hahaha just got that

Yes, the seller sent a Medium size t-shirt he said was never worn, and the 2000 TMB Medal. The Medal is lightly scratched on one side but. The card is in mint condition.

I now actually have 2 of the “Lucky Stadium Hawaii” cards. The first was purchased 10 years ago from Ed(ebirdman). It has a near mint to mint front, the back is in good shape except for a rough corner. The card I just got from Ebay, is in better shape and I’ll probably will have it PSA graded. Since I don’t have any reason to hold 2 of these cards, I’ll probably put the one I got from Ed up for sale later this spring.

That’s a really, really lucky purchase!

If you don’t mind answering how much did Ed sell the first 9th lucky stadium card to you?

Also if you grade the one you just got what grade do think it’ll get? I had a 9th stadium once for like 5min. Tried to grade it but PSA failed and then Scott graded the very same card so if it doesn’t grade just ask Scott to grade it or ask Scott for a pic of his already graded PSA-8 lucky stadium when you send yours in.

I got the first card from Ed(ebirdman) for $1,700. I bought it just a few weeks after the 2000 TMB. It’s been the most I’ve ever spent on a card.

As far as grading the card I got from the Ebay auction, I think it has a very good chance to make a PSA 9…it shouldn’t get less than a PSA 8…I wish it could make a PSA 10 but there’s one very very slight bit of whiteing on the top front so I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen.

I don’t see a problem getting it graded, since Scott did all the heavy lifting.

A little speck of white can still mean a PSA-10, I know this from personal experience.

Good luck and I think I speak for the entire UPCCC when I say please post pics of the lucky stadium once you get it graded :blush:

I just Sent my SSB off to get graded today…I’m a bit nervous.

You have the No.3 from Brian right? only one No.3 has been graded thus far and that was Scott’s that got an 8 if yours gets a 10 then that means there will be all 3 graded as gems out there! An entire PSA-10 SSB set would be a true collection! However I do not see that being possible since I doubt either you or Scott will part with any of the SSB trophies though I do hope you get a 10 ;D

Yes I did! I certainly hope it gets a ten but im not holding my breath. Hahaha I couldn’t see either one of us parting ways with our SSB cards. But, It would be pretty neat to see all three PSA 10 cards.