Lucky PSA grades

Just wanted to share some pictures of the last batch of cards I got back from PSA. Feeling very fortunate with the grades. Included is the PSA graded 2000 TMB Lucky Stadium Hawaii, I bought on Ebay in December. The ungraded 2000 TMB Lucky Stadium Hawaii is the one I bought years ago.

Wow yeah those are some good grades. I have graded two 9th stadiums and received 8’s on both :confused: Also the zards are incredible as well. I can never get good grade on those either unless they came straight from a booster pack. Congrats on those incredible grades!


So it cost a fraction of mine and got a 10? Congrats :blush:

Incredible! I have never seen a [2000 Tropical Mega Battle, Lucky Stadium Trainer] up close. A PSA 10 one, too? That is so cool! I am not too familiar with the history of this card. Does anyone know its rarity (i.e. quantity)?

Congratulations, avalanche1313! :blush:

Estimated up to possibly 50 prints, but have certainly not seen a number close to that. It is of the rarity of the trophy khan and university magikarp cards.

And dogma trust me I am just as envious as you are. I paid $1,300 for mine and got an 8 as well, but I am still happy it is an awsome card.

And avalanche that is really a feat to get a 10 on an old prize card like that. That one and the university magikarp are impossible to get that high, but you got it!

That is freaking awesome!!! So Jealous!!